As grow up champignons

As grow up champignons

Champignons belong to those species of mushrooms which are quite real for growing up in house conditions. A necessary condition for successful cultivation of champignons is existence of the room in which it is possible to maintain high humidity of air constantly.

Process of cultivation of champignons in house conditions consists of two stages: substrate preparations (special soil) and introductions to substrate of a mycelium of mushrooms. During performance of all necessary works it is necessary to adhere precisely and step by step to technology.

Stage first. Substrate preparation

This stage is the most difficult and labor-consuming therefore many, having got acquainted with an operations procedure, immediately lower hands and refuse the idea of cultivation of champignons. And in vain! Here, as in a saying: "A wolf be afraid – not to go into the woods".

Before beginning to prepare substrate, it is necessary to get all necessary components for this process. If, for example, there is a task to receive as a result such amount of substrate which would be enough for a mycelium of 3 square meters in size then the following components will be required: horse or cow manure - 35 kg; fresh straw – 100 kg; superphosphate – 2 kg; plaster – 7-8 kg; chalk – 5 kg; ammonium nitrate – 600 g. For a start all amount of straw is carefully presoaked by water in some suitable tank for 24 hours. After that straw and manure keep within layers a special open heap (peculiar wooden storage) which width is 1.5 meters, length – 1.2 meters. Each layer of straw needs to be poured saltpeter. In 5-7 days, substrate should be shaken up by means of a pitchfork and to pour plaster. In 3-4 days the procedure should be repeated, but this time it is necessary to add the remained components to substrate – superphosphate and chalk. As a rule, soil for cultivation of champignons completely "grows ripe" in 20-22 days.

Stage second. Inokulyation of substrate mycelium

Mycelium is called sowing material which is necessary for cultivation of champignons. As a rule, the mycelium is made in special laboratories, and it is possible to get it in most agricultural shops. This substance not for long therefore it is necessary to use it at once after acquisition is stored. Before starting process of an inokulyation, it is necessary to make substrate heat treatment, in other words – to fill in it with abrupt boiled water. After that, when soil will cool down, it should be scattered in separate boxes. Inokulyatsy needs to make as follows: in the holes (size of 4-5 cm) done in substrate it is necessary to fill up a mycelium and slightly to cover it with a layer of the same substrate. On each hole it is necessary to use no more than one handful of a mycelium. In 10-12 days, substrate should be covered with a layer of earth which consists of peat and chalk (about 90% of peat and 10% of chalk) and to place boxes in some cool, damp and aired place. The first champignons begin to be shown on the surface of substrate in 3-4 months. From only one square meter of a mycelium it is possible to collect up to 12 kg of mushrooms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team