As in house conditions to make hot mulled wine

As in house conditions to make hot mulled wine

Mulled wine, or as it is called still, "the flaring wine", is known for a long time. One glass of the drunk drink is capable to warm in a winter icy cold, to cure of cold and to lighten the mood. There is a lot of recipes for hot mulled wine. With their help drink can be made in house conditions.

Useful properties

Oranges and lemons are a part of hot mulled wine. They in a large number contain vitamin C which is considered excellent antioxidant. In addition, mulled wine is excellent prophylactic of cold. It effectively warms an organism, killing viruses. And if it is correct to make red wine, adding special spicery and herbs, then it is possible to receive means for a raising of the immune system.

At preparation of mulled wine use various spicery and herbs. They have the mass of useful properties. So, for example, cinnamon has the warming effect and favorably influences work of a brain. It not only is excellent antioxidant, but also eliminates some types of fungi.

Aromas of a carnation, cinnamon and fragrant herbs give feeling of a cosiness and heat, pacify. Nutmeg strengthens nervous and immune systems. The aroma of vanilla stimulates muscle work of heart and removes irritation. It is also worth noting that red wine in itself contains a large number of minerals and amino acids.

Recipe for mulled wine

For preparation of hot mulled wine in house conditions you will need the following ingredients: - 1 liter of a red table wine; - 100 ml of water; - 1 nutmeg; - 6 buds of a carnation; - 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar; - on 1 tablespoon of juice of orange and a lemon.

To make mulled wine in house conditions, experts recommend to use a dry rather weak wine: "Bull blood", "Merlot", Mukuzani, "Saperavi", "Cabernet", Kindzmarauli.

For preparation of mulled wine in house conditions it is possible to use a ready set of spicery. It is possible to get it in large supermarket. The main spices are included in this package: carnation buds, nutmegs, anisetree stars, root of ginger, stick of cinnamon, allspice pea.

At preparation of drink you shouldn't use a ground spices that mulled wine didn't turn out hazy.

Water with spices is brought to the boil in a small bucket or the Turk. This mix has to infuse within 7-10 minutes. The bottle of red wine is warmed up up to the temperature of 70 wasps. This important condition at preparation of mulled wine on the classical recipe. After that wine is mixed with spices. Ready drink is spilled on glasses. Hot mulled wine will find more distinguished and delicate taste if to add a small amount of juice of a lemon and orange to it.

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