As it is beautiful to close up pie

As it is beautiful to close up pie

Beautiful, fragrant and magnificent pie becomes the most real decoration of a table and really long-awaited event at a table. And in such pie each trifle – even how edge zashchipnuta is important. Times when pie closed, prishchipyvy edges a finger, in the past long ago. Today there are different ways how to turn edge of usual pie into the true piece of art.

Do you want to strike guests with an original form of pies constantly? Learn to pinch them in a new way. Especially as it isn't so difficult. Experts in kitchen offer the options of interesting clothes pegs which will help to decorate pie. So, for example, it is possible to make a braid on edge. For this purpose to moisten rather a little edges with water. After to take leftover dough and to divide it into 3 strips (you choose width). From these strips spin a braid which around put and fix to the edges of pie moistened with water.

Really filigree work it is possible to call decoration of edges of pie leaflets. Connect a dough trimmings in a sphere and roll it on a table. Then accurately cut out leaflets. Moisten edges of pie with water and begin to fix to them your preparations. In process slightly press leaflets fingers.

Issue edges of pie a shakhmatka. For this purpose culinary scissors and a little patience will be necessary for you. On edge of pie make cuts at distance about 1 cm. Begin to bend through one. It is possible to decorate pie and by means of fingers. So, for example, it is possible to issue a sea wave. For this purpose place index and a thumb of one hand on the edge of pie at distance about 1 cm press dough fingers and move a hand, forming a peculiar wave on edge of pie. The Openwork Spoon method will allow you to make edge of pie unusual and rounded off. For its performance press the rounded-off tip on edge of pie, behind that lower a spoon below. For more interesting drawing you can use a spoon of the smaller size. About decoration of pie it is necessary to worry with one more way in advance. Roll the lower part and lay out on a baking tray. Then put a stuffing and cover pie from above – it is possible an integral piece of the test, it is possible to use strips for creation of a lattice. After accurately turn in edges, kind of sealing pie from above. You can decorate in addition them with a spoon silt a finger. For creation of the beautiful and original country of pie it is possible to use a usual fork. In order that it turned out exactly and beautifully, cut the edge of pie on diameter of a form, and then take a fork and begin to press down it on edge without spaces. When dough rises, such type of decoration of edges of pie will look extremely unusually. It is possible to make a fork the drawing cross-wise. However, in this case it is strong on dough better not to press that it didn't tear. Stock up with patience and make-shifts to make the pies original and very interesting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team