As it is better to drink vodka

As it is better to drink vodka

Vodka is national Russian strong alcoholic drink. It perfectly tempts appetite, helps work of digestive bodies at the use of fat and heavy dishes. Vodka is the universal drink suitable both to start a meal and for its end.


1. Very important that's right! select vodka. This drink consists from water and alcohol on which its quality depends. There are 3 extents of purification of alcohol: extra, luxury and the highest. Alcohol extra and luxury is made of perfect grain, and alcohol of the highest extent of cleaning – of potatoes or just grain. Water for production of vodka has to be prepared as the softness of drink depends on it.

2. Serve to a table vodka, cooled up to 8-10 degrees in the countess or a bottle. If you strongly cool it, it will have rather anesthetic effect and to affect one head more, than digestion. As cold appetizers to vodka give salty mushrooms, fish and vegetables. The salty or smoked herring seasoned with vegetable oil with hot boiled potatoes, will be magnificent snack for vodka. The glass of vodka at the beginning of a meal is the best aperitif from what can be thought up. She is capable to dull the first hunger and to help to enjoy flavor profiles of a dish.

3. It is important to drink vodka correctly. Pour it on piles, but not to the brim. One movement pour in it in a throat on an exhalation and swallow on a breath. Exhale surplus of alcoholic vapors and have a snack. It isn't recommended to wash down benefit vodka. It doesn't bring. If you correctly have a snack vodka, then you will practically not get drunk and you will remain cheerful and vigorous.

4. If you want to prevent fast approach of intoxication, prepare an organism. For this purpose in 30 minutes prior to a feast drink 50 grams of vodka, so you will prepare an organism in the forthcoming loading.

5. The more you will have a snack, the it is less than chances to wake up for the morning with a headache.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team