As it is correct to accept creatine monohydrate

As it is correct to accept creatine monohydrate

To the people wishing to build up the muscle bulk of a body, increasing force of muscles, it will be useful to learn about such additive as creatine. You can accept this monohydrate in powder or in capsules (there is no special difference), at the moderated or increased physical activities will already soon notice result. Many professional athletes consider this substance the most effective nutritional supplement promoting hanging of anaerobic performance. Let's understand features of its reception more attentively.

Description and forms of release

Substance is organic acid which was formed as a result of interaction of three amino acids: glycine, methionine and arginine. This additive has the proteinaceous nature and on the most part collects in skeletal muscles. Tissues of a brain, heart, gonads contain phosphocreatine which advantage it is difficult to overestimate too.

The product is issued in two forms: powder and capsules.


Powder additive is usually delivered in big plastic packings, with a measured spoon in a set. It can be found in drugstores or shops of healthy food.

Some medicines contain pure creatine, in others it is mixed with sugar (does drink to more nice to the taste), however it is better not to pay attention to ready solution of additive. At the time of mixing with water it collapses therefore in the liquid state medicine reminds waste more.

It is necessary to tell that powder form is the most demanded today. Such product practically does not collapse impact of stomach juice on it, is quickly acquired by an organism and begins to participate in exchange processes.

It is simple to accept creatine in powder as it can be mixed easily with any liquid (5 g of medicine on 1 l): plain water, juice (it is better grape or apple) and also any fast carbohydrates (right after reception it will be correct to eat rich roll).


For bigger usability it is possible to buy additive in the form of capsules, however in this case creatine will be acquired for 5-10 minutes longer usual (additional splitting of a gelatinous cover). Besides, because of low cost some people choose creatine in tablets, but this form of release is least preferable as the gullet can irritate and is rather long acquired.

Important! All forms of additive have approximately identical efficiency. Monohydrate, a hydrochloride, krealkalin, creatine Esther's ethyl and other isomers pass identical stages of enzymatic processing, but despite the statements of marketing specialists about the available advantages of new additives, the most checked and effective is a monohydrate in the form of powder.

When to accept?

The efficiency of sports food (in particular and the use of various additives) depends on concrete time of their reception. Choosing creatine monohydrate, take an interest at the same time when it is better to accept it that it was well acquired. Many athletes do themselves useful cocktails after the training as at this time the blood-groove improves and metabolism amplifies that just and promotes the maximum assimilation. Before a training you should not apply additive as there is a risk of violation of water balance of an organism. The truth in this case exists a certain exception: reception of a product is allowed by pretraining preparation. This scheme is considered the most optimum if necessary increase in power indicators and for accumulation of muscle bulk.

During rest it is better to drink monohydrate in the morning as in the morning at an organism there is high concentration of hormone of growth. It considerably improves transfer of nutrients to bodies and systems, and it means that additive will get directly to muscles.

In a question of combination of creatine with consumption of food of a consensus still is not present. Some experts advise to use additive to food as it, according to them, worsens absorption and detains powder or the capsule in a stomach, and others speak about lack of a basic difference, reasoning the position with results of the last scientific research which proved that the acid environment of a stomach has no significant effect on monohydrate.

Schemes of reception

Depending on your day regimen and trainings, there are various schemes of intake of creatine of monohydrate: an optimal variant, for loading, with breaks and also with use of low dosages. Let's tell about each option in more detail.

Get acquainted with examples of exercises for legs, a triceps, a press, a bottom, an extension for maintenance of the body in shape.


At such scheme, without loading the means is used in number of 6 g every day. You should not increase this value as our organism acquires only 50 mg/kg, and the remained quantity is brought together with urine out of an organism. In days of the strengthened trainings it is better to use additive after a set of exercises, having added to it a geyner, amino acids and protein cocktail. However, at their absence usual sweet juice will be quite good alternative option.

In days of rest, additive (together with the listed components) needs to be accepted in the morning, continuing a course not longer than two months. After that the monthly break has to follow.

If you plan to load strongly the organism, then in the first week it is necessary to drink 5 g of creatine 4 times a day, and one of receptions surely has to coincide with the end of a training (as soon as it ends, according to the specified dosage, powder needs to be dissolved in 1 l of water). If desired you can add protein cocktails, geyner or other similar medicines.

Important! The dosage does not depend on in what form you bought additive: powder, solution or capsules.

After six days of intake of creatine on the specified scheme, it is necessary to lower a dosage to 2 g once a day, continuing to use it a month more. Further the monthly break follows.


Loading of an organism creatine provides consumption of additive in quantity to 20 g a day. Breaking the schedule on 4 times on 5 g for time, with observance of such mode within 6 days will be the most optimal variant of reception. During this time there will be a full saturation of cells of muscles creatine then it will be possible to reduce quantity of the used means to 3 g ("the supporting dose").

It is proved that at such scheme the substance level in an organism does not fall down for 12 weeks (with the supporting additive use) that already in itself is an excellent indicator. However such scheme not obligatory, similar results can be achieved, using creatine on 5 g of 1 times pass as it was described above.

Therefore, having decided to accept additive for a fast set of muscle bulk, be ready that besides fast results, loading is characterized by a high probability of manifestation of side effects and the increased product expense.

Without loading use you to a lesser extent risk health, but the evidential base will be weaker and the maximum results will be shown only in a month. To you to solve: whether it is worth risking and throwing out money or it is better to adhere to the optimum scheme of intake of creatine described above.


The cyclic scheme of the use of creatine became widespread thanks to article of Paul Kriba who claimed that the traditional loading phase will surely overload blood with keratins, making serious impact on muscles its high concentration.

In that case transports of additive will worse get through cell membranes. A lot of time that the efficiency of their work returned to normal again will be required. Moreover, similar return can happen only at decrease in concentration of substance out of cages.

According to the cyclic scheme, it is necessary to use creatine in powder or in capsules within three days (additive is used in the same quantity, as well as in the previous option: on 5 g 4 times a day), and then it is required to take a break for three days. The fact is that regular intake of creatine reduces its concentration in 30 days after the beginning of a course. Presumably it happens because of suppression of a gene of conveyors.

Whether you know? In certain cases sports additives are appointed for acceleration of recovering of an organism from the suffered injuries, serious illnesses or according to the recommendations of nutritionists. Certainly, in each separate situation such additives will be different.

Low dosages

In 2010, results of one very interesting research were published in the Nutrition magazine. It provided studying action of low doses of creatine on a human body for what 20 healthy women and men received additive on 0.03 g on 1 kg of their weight (on average in 2 g a day). In 6 weeks after the beginning of an experiment it turned out that at examinees the dry muscle bulk, fat percent, the maximum force and volume of liquid in an organism did not change. You should not reduce doses of additive, otherwise use of medicine will not bring any result, or it will be minimum.

Important! Upon purchase of creatine in the form of capsules, the question of a dosage should pay special attention as producers very often reduce it.

How long to accept creatine?

Proceeding from these many researches, follows that creatine can be accepted constantly. However there are certain data disproving such decision. For example, the daunregulyation of cellular conveyors demonstrates that over time (approximately 2 months of regular reception later) the susceptibility of muscles to the specified additive can decrease.

After the termination of a course of reception lasting 1.5-2 months the break lasting 3-4 weeks will be useful. It will be quite enough for return of sensitivity of your organism to additive components.

Whether there is a harm?

If to trust results of researches of scientists and responses of consumers, then creatine practically does not cause any negative consequences of its application. All agree that it is qualitative and almost completely harmless nutritional supplement, and collateral manifestations are possible only in case of heavy overdose.

Whether you know? In 1832, creatine was discovered by Frenchman Shevrel who established that nerves and skeletal muscles are supplied with energy necessary for them exactly thanks to this organic acid. However the interest of athletes in this additive was shown only in 1992, after the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

In spite of the fact that the described substance has no essential side effects, other components which are contained in additives (for example, vasoactive amino acids) can cause them as react with creatine. That is, choosing additive it is necessary to study its structure attentively.

In rare instances after intake of substance the gastrointestinal distress (diarrhea, nausea, belly-ache) connected with the period of adaptation of an organism to artificial addition of creatine and its slightly increased dose can be observed. Crystals of additive are slowly dissolved in a stomach, as leads to problems with digestion though it is more characteristic for creatine of citrate and creatine of malate, monohydrate is deprived of this shortcoming.

Combination to other additives

Kreatinovy additives are perfectly combined with other options of sports food, so, you without problems can use a serumal protein, a geyner (received popularity in many respects thanks to existence in structure of sugar), the majority of amino acids.

Besides, you can combine creatine with sweet juice or the sweetened water. The main condition at its application is use of enough liquid (not less than 1 big glasses), it is unimportant: for dissolution of powder or to wash down the capsule. It will promote faster digestion of additive.

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Whether there is a liquid creatine? So far some athletes are interested how to accept creatine in powder or in capsules, others are puzzled with emergence in the market of the so-called "liquid creatine" which is solution of monohydrate or phosphate.

Producers of such form of additive assure buyers that in such look it is much better acquired by an organism at the expense of what growth of muscles accelerates and they receive more energy. That is, it turns out that liquid additive in all respects surpasses the powder analog.

Actually everything is not so simple, as a result of superficial researches of a product the scientists found a large amount of creatinine — the creatine disintegration remains.

Moreover, keeping of the last is very often underestimated and disperses from the value specified on packing. Therefore you should not give in to arrangements of marketing specialists and to buy low effective liquid creatine.

In general, if you regularly visit the gym and are determined "to be pumped up", then creatine monohydrate is that it is necessary for you.

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