As it is correct to choose a geyner for growth of muscles

As it is correct to choose a geyner for growth of muscles

The popularity of geyner as sports additives grows every day. A particular interest in them is fed by ektomorfa — people owing to features of a constitution and the accelerated metabolism it is more difficult to them to build muscles and to create a beautiful relief. Correctly picked up geyner in a complex with regular physical activities can help them with it. Than sports additives are good and as among a big variety to choose variant, optimal for themselves — read further.

List of a geyner

Let's understand for a start what is a geyner. It is sports additive on the basis of artificially synthesized carbohydrates and proteins. They provoke growth of muscles at the athletes accepting similar products. Except the specified two elements, also macrocells, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, etc. can be a part micro.

Their quality and quantity most often depend on a type of a geyner. A similar set of ingredients is necessary to provide a set of 500-1500 kcal — in such framework the power value of a product usually varies that allows to develop muscle bulk.

Principle of work of additive

Depending on constitution type the geyner can have various effect on an organism. As by nature ektomorfa usually differ in the increased metabolism accelerated by a metabolism, calories are burned in their organism far quicker in comparison with other types. Representatives of this category can absorb desserts, sweets — actually, any food in a large number, and at the same time will remain all the same thin.

Important! For achievement of effect it is necessary not just to accept a geyner, but also to do it in the correct time. Usually recommend to use cocktail on its basis right after the trainings, however it is better to consult previously with the expert to consider specific features of the athlete.

If ektomorf wants to build up muscle bulk, to give to a figure relief, then will face the following problem: this type of people perfectly feels in those sports where the endurance is required, however is badly adapted for power loadings which form a beautiful muscular relief. The thing is that because of the accelerated metabolism ektomorf is tired quicker, loses forces and energy. At the same time results from the done work for the thin athlete are always lower and, besides, are shown very at a distant day therefore the little have enough patience to continue trainings. To accelerate process of accumulation of weight and also to get rid of excessive fatigue the ektomorfa are helped by geyner. Squirrels as a part of geyner are responsible for growth of muscles and also its restoration after loadings. And that the organism could acquire this protein, carbohydrates are necessary, they also preserve against the increased fatigue during the trainings.

Whether you know? The first sports additive in modern understanding of this term was created in 1934. It was done of vegetable raw materials which were grown up on the soil with the high level of minerals. The athletes and people having the increased physical activity on a regular basis used such additive.

Such tandem of two basic elements is capable to help an ektomorf to get desirable muscles. On the one hand, material for future muscles (and protein is the cornerstone of human fabrics) is created, and with another — forces are provided for pumping of this material (by means of carbohydrates).

Advantage and harm

As it was told above, other components besides protein and carbohydrates also can be a part of additives. Their task is to provide the most effective digestion and influence of two main ingredients, but, in fact, thanks to them the geyner turns into the concentrated cocktail from substances, useful to an organism. At the correct use such additive:

  • will increase amount of protein, main construction material in a body;
  • will add forces before a training;
  • it will help to be restored quicker after classes;
  • uberezhyot muscles from gaps and microinjuries;
  • will fill a reserve of useful minerals in an organism.

Important! You should not perceive Geynera as replacement to full-fledged food or trainings. It is additive, the effect of which will be visible, only if the athlete adheres to a diet and the schedule of occupations.

It is necessary to approach the use of sports food with all responsibility not to allow also side effects, among which:

  1. Obesity — the geyner is intended for strengthening of growth of muscles therefore if there is no need for similar stimulation, then it is better not to use it.
  2. Indigestion — is possible in case of excess of a dosage, purchase of a low-quality product and also at violation of storage conditions.
  3. Diabetes — carbohydrates and sugar as a part of additive can provoke it.
  4. Problems with kidneys — in a geyner the creatine delaying water in an organism and giving increased load on kidneys enters.

Also excessive use of sports additives is capable to lead to oncological diseases and a stroke.


If before it we spoke about potential harm which can be caused to a healthy organism at misuse of geyner, then now we will specify to whom in general similar medicines are contraindicated. And the athletes suffering are included in this list:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • renal failure.

If there is an allergy to certain products or minerals, then it is worth belonging with special attention to the choice of a geyner. For example, the athletes having intolerance of lactose have to choose medicines which part only the serumal protein is.

Learn whether the geyner is mean to health.

Criteria for selection of a geyner

Many companies are engaged in development of sports food today, and in such conditions it is important to define not just the best product, and that which corresponds to individual requirements of your organism. To understand that for a geyner to you it is necessary, it is enough to count amount of proteins and carbohydrates which you should use in day and to estimate products by the following criteria.

Protein content

Ektomorfu will suit more additives in which percent the squirrel hesitates at the level of 25-30. Higher to leave percent for representatives of other types of a constitution better, and geyner with a smaller share of a protein will have smaller effect.

Amount of sugar

This ingredient is undesirable at any type of a figure as it can have negative effect on intestines. Try to choose sports additives with the minimum level of sugar if it is not possible to avoid it absolutely.

Whether you know? 1 g of sports food is on average equated to 150–180 g of products on the level of caloric content and a reserve of useful substances.

Type of a protein

Protein can be a miscellaneous, and in a quality plan the best consider the serumal or mixed option (egg, dairy). And it is better to avoid geyner on the basis of soy protein.


Additives which were created in Europe or the USA will be suitable for inhabitants of the CIS more. Also put here not so much as products how many in features of physiology of athletes. In China, Japan, India there are producers of the first-class geyner too, however their product is designed for local athletes first of all.

Rating of the best geyner

Having understood to whom and as it is better to select sports food, let's review several examples of similar products in more detail now.

It is important! Before beginning search of the necessary additive, at first visit the gastroenterologist and the nutritionist. If they confirm that you have no problems with digestive processes, and the constitution really corresponds to an ektomorf, then it is possible to pass to the next stage of preparation.

Pro Complex Gainer

It is a quality product which part are:

  • 34% of protein;
  • 53% of carbohydrates;
  • 4% of fats;
  • 4% of sugar.

It is worth carrying to pluses of Pro Complex Gainer additive:

  1. Small amount of fats and carbohydrates.
  2. High percent of protein.
  3. Quality of a protein: here serumal, egg proteins and caseinate of calcium are used. Each of these types has the features of splitting thanks to what even in 7–10 hours after the additive use the organism will be saturated with amino acids.

It is possible to carry the price to shortcomings of this geyner. In the segment it is expensive product which cost remains at the level of $21-23 for kilogram.

Whether you know? If desired it is possible to buy additives with various tastes: yogurt, vanilla, fruit, chocolate. And milk is considered the best basis for sports food.

Up Your Mass

Are a part of this geyner:

  • 35% of protein;
  • 44% of carbohydrates;
  • 20% of fats;
  • 1% of sugar.

It is possible to rank as advantages of additive:

  • three types of protein in structure;
  • availability of VSAA amino acids;
  • various tastes.

Video: the review of a geyner of MHP Up Your Mass the Main shortcoming consider a high rate of fats. It is very inexpensive product which price remains at the level of $1.5-2 over 1 kg.

Real Gains

It is a product it is from the USA, containing:

  • 32% of proteins;
  • 56% of carbohydrates;
  • 0% of sugar;
  • small share of useful fats.

Read in more detail that it is better to accept: geyner or protein.

Users distinguish from its pluses:

  • availability of fast and slow carbohydrates;
  • pleasant flavoring additives;
  • high effectiveness at observance of rules of food and the schedule of trainings.

Video: the geyner of Universal Nutrition Real Gains But Real Gains belongs to the category of expensive geyner: $18–20 for 1 kg.

True Mass Gainer

The structure of True Mass Gainer looks as follows:

  • 16% of protein;
  • 71% of carbohydrates;
  • 5% of saturated fats;
  • vitamins, minerals.

Among advantages of this geyner It should be noted:

  • high quality of a protein;
  • the low glycemic index thanks to which the product is more slowly acquired and longer provides an organism with energy;
  • a wide choice of useful minerals and minerals in structure.

There is this medicine according to the rich structure — $15–17 for kilogram.

Multi Gainer

This geyner consists from:

  • squirrel (20%);
  • carbohydrates (about 76%);
  • fats (up to 2–3%).

Important! The main lack of Multi Gainer — bystrousvoyaemy carbohydrates because of which there is a risk to gather a solid reserve of subcutaneous fat. That it did not occur, use this geyner only after the trainings.

Despite the low level of a protein, a product has the advantages:

  • rather low price: $10–11 for 1 kg;
  • the multicomponent composition of protein consisting of 3 types.

Video: the review of a geyner of PureProtein MultiGainer in general is quite budgetary option with minimalistic structure. Its use will be effective if not to break a dosage.

CULT Mass Protein

The structure of this product includes:

  • 20% of protein;
  • 75% of carbohydrates;
  • about 2% of fats.

It is possible to carry to advantages of CULT Mass Protein:

  • fast set of weight;
  • various proteinaceous components in structure;
  • availability of complex carbohydrates that provides an organism with energy for considerable time.

Learn how to choose qualitative sports food.

If to speak about product shortcomings, then it is possible to rank availability of soy protein in structure as those.

Video: sports food - a geyner of Cult Protein Mass the Price for 1 kg of additive fluctuates at the level of $19–21. Many of beginners in gym perceive geyner as a kind of steroids that in a root is wrong. These are sports additives which perfectly will help to gain necessary weight for future relief to the athletes differing in the ektomorfichesky structure of a body and accelerated by metabolism. The main thing is to apply individual approach at selection of a geyner, to consult with experts, and then desired result will be successful will achieve.

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