As it is correct to choose Vermouth

As it is correct to choose Vermouth

Vermouth – the flavored alcoholic drink differing in variety of types and a subtlety of a bouquet. Classical alcohol is usually produced from white grape wine and infusion of perfect herbs, for giving of dark tones use caramel. To appreciate fortified drink, strong and resistant to formation of dregs, it is important to choose Vermouth correctly.

Correct Vermouth: main features

The real Vermouths distinguish characteristic wormwood tone, is bitter - a sweet taste and a fine grass aroma. Now often apply buzinny color, a coriander, wild orange crusts to release of the aromatized wines. It is correct to choose Vermouth it is possible, based on the drink fortress, color, tasting properties.

On average, alcohol fortress on herbs - about 16-18% about. Wines can be rather sweet (up to 16% of sugar) and also dry. Addition of caramel in certain proportions is capable to give to drink shades from red to straw.

Martini – a popular type of Vermouth with infusion from dozens of different components of plants. A wine palette – from pinkish to saturated-red. In different types of Martini surely there is a caramel taste, at the same time certain notes, such as iris and raspberry, fruit and citrus, nutmeg, carnation and cinnamon prevail.

To choose quality Vermouth, it is important to remember: the bouquet of good Vermouth is by all means harmoniously sustained. The low-quality aromatized wine often is saturated-red, too sweet and to a pronounced smell. The last allows unfair producers to kill taste of bad alcohol. The stopper of good Vermouth can't be mouldy (especially from within!), on it there is a brand name, for example, a logo of Bacardi-Martini, Noilly Prat, Cinzano, Lillet.

How to use Vermouth

Before choosing Vermouth, in advance be defined with what and when it will be served. Often such alcohol is used as aperitif for increase in appetite before a meal. Some types of fortified wine on herbs - great digestive, drink after a dense meal improving digestion. Bitter alcoholatures from a large number of vegetable components – bitters (Vermouth Bitter) are for this purpose recommended.  

Undiluted drink is served cooled to 8-12os, have a snack on olives, salty and red-hot nutlets. Vermouths – an excellent basis for cocktails which give with ice. Alcohol can be mixed in a proportion 1:1 with cognac or vodka, to dilute to taste with gin with tonic, soda, lemonade. The main rule at consumption of Vermouth is to drink not in a volley, and small drinks, enjoying gentle aroma and nuances of a bouquet of wormwood wine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team