As it is correct to combine nuts, honey and dried fruits

As it is correct to combine nuts, honey and dried fruits

Today the health issue is relevant, more than ever. And the increasing number of people gives preference to natural natural means and components.

It is required to you

  • On 200 grams of dried apricots, raisin, prunes and walnuts and also one lemon and three tablespoons of honey.


1. In ancient times honey, nuts and dried fruits were used by the knowing people as medicine at such illnesses as anemia, avitaminosis and cardiovascular diseases. These components have extremely useful and nutritive properties thanks to which the person till an old age keeps physical forces and healthy appearance. In addition, advantage of nuts, dried fruits and honey – in normalization of exchange processes. For preparation of nutritious mix trouble dried fruits boiled water for 5-10 minutes, dry and remove stones. Cut a lemon and remove sunflower seeds from segments. Crush everything in the blender to homogeneous mass and mix it with liquid honey. Your mix is ready!

2. Almonds can also be combined with dried apricots and dates. A Brazil nut – with dates, a fig and raisin. Pistachio nuts and cashew it is desirable to use separately. Prunes and dried apricots are perfectly combined with forest and walnut. Dried apricots can be supplemented with almonds and also forest and pine nut. Combine raisin with forest, walnut, Brazilian and coconut and also with pumpkin and sunflower sunflower seeds. Use these rules during mix creation.

3. Properties of honey are known to many people. It is extremely strong imunnomodulyator, a natural antibiotic, cleaner of an organism and many other things. By scientists it was proved that cinnamon with honey can cure patients of arthritis, it is essential to reduce cholesterol level, not to mention various catarrhal diseases, problems with bodies of digestive tract and even pimples. Therefore you shouldn't neglect this product.

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