As it is correct to drink milk: knowledge of wise men

As it is correct to drink milk: knowledge of wise men

According to Vedic knowledge, milk can give improbable strength to your organism, but only in case you conform to several rules at its use.


1. Milk weakens and the organism therefore it isn't recommended to drink it day categorically in the afternoon calms.

2. Kislo-dairy products is recommended to be eaten till 14-15 o'clock. It is considered no that they have healing power in the evening, and sometimes can be even unhealthy.

3. If you get up early, up to 7 o'clock in the morning it is possible to drink hot milk with sugar, it will present you relaxation and rest.

4. The best time for consumption of milk - before going to bed. Then it not only treats for a set of diseases, but also calms, improves a dream and improves nervous system. But you remember that only the digested milk will be useful therefore if you have since morning white language - means, you drank too much milk yesterday, it is necessary to drink less.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team