As it is correct to eat fruit of a pomelo

As it is correct to eat fruit of a pomelo

Exotic fruit — any more not a rarity on our tables. They are juicy, bright and, certainly, attractive externally, besides so there is a wish to try something brand new. However, how exactly it is necessary to use overseas fruits, not all know. As it is correct to eat with a pomelo — we will understand today.

Acquaintance to exotic fruit

The plant rumpled, either the pampelmuse, or a sheddok is an evergreen fructifying tree with the fruits of the same name. The weight of fruit reaches 10 kg, these citruses are considered as the biggest of all family. Juicy pulp is closed by a thick and strong peel, divided by leathery membranes into segments in which there are seeds. Because of a thick peel to clean a pomelo without knife it is problematic.

Fruits up to 30 cm in the diameter have rounded shape. Depending on a grade, the ripened fruits can have color from pale green to a bright yellow shade, and pulp — from green to a red shade. Ripe fruit possess very strong sweet and fresh aroma. Taste of pulp — sweet with bitter notes of grapefruit.

Whether you know? Initially the citrus was grown up in China only for an imperial table. Now for New Year it is accepted to give these fruit in China as a symbol of wellbeing and prosperity. Fruit often bring to gods in a gift, expose on an altar, cajole them spirits.

As it is correct to eat a pomelo (the instruction with a photo)

Wholly to enjoy taste of a citrus, it is desirable to know how to clean with a pomelo and what parts to use and what are not necessary.

Clarification from a peel

The fruit needs initially to be peeled. To facilitate cleaning process, it is drenched with boiled water. It will soften a thin skin and will wash away the wax protecting a pomelo in transit from infections and wreckers.

Also the benefit for health of an organism is brought by such exotic fruit as a lemon, tangerine, banana, pineapple, a kiwi, pomegranate, mango, avocado and grapefruit.

Then by means of a small knife the peel is cut with a strip on a spiral or, doing accurate cuts, on segments. Hooking fingers, the cover is removed from a fruit. Except a thick external thin skin, pulp is covered by a white dense film and a leathery plyonochka, as at tangerine segments. All this is also removed, trying not to squeeze hands that juice did not flow. More visually, how to clean a pomelo, I suggest to look on the following video.

Whether you know? This exotic fruit got to Europe thanks to navigation. In honor of one of the English captains who brought not only a fruit, but also seeds to West Indies fruit call sheddok.

Edible and inedible parts

Except all the layers of a thin skin cleaned from pulp and plyonochek, fruit seeds also are inedible. They, respectively, too are deleted. In food only juicy pulp which is eaten fresh as any fruit, or add to various dishes is suitable. Salads and snack with application of this citrus and also desserts, for example, ice cream, creams or mousses enjoy special popularity. I bring to your attention to look how eat with a pomelo in the following video.

It is important! If to use a fruit fresh, it is not necessary to sugar it: it is rather sweet, and the excess sweet will make it too luscious, will change its natural taste.

Useful properties and harm of a product

As a part of a pomelo there is a lot of ascorbic acid that does it useful to strengthening of immunity and opposition to avitaminosis; besides vitamin C — good preventive antiviral means. Availability of beta carotene represents a citrus as the antioxidant capable to slow down cell aging of an organism.

Vitamin C is also very important for growth and cell regeneration of fabrics, gums and blood vessels, it contains in blackcurrant, a dogrose, onions, red pepper, cabbage, salad, broccoli and potatoes.

Vitamin E is useful to cleaning of vessels of cholesteric plaques that serves as good prevention of cardiovascular diseases as well as potassium which is as a part of a citrus too. The essential oils which are contained in a peel have antimicrobial and antibacterial effect, improve mood and soothingly affect nervous system. Oils, pulp of fruits and juice use in cosmetology for preparation of care products for skin of face, hands, a neck and so forth.

However the pomelo not is useful to all: it is undesirable to eat fruit if you have such diseases:

  • ulcer of a duodenum or stomach;
  • the increased acidity;
  • nephrite;
  • colitis;
  • hepatitis.

Important! It is not recommended to use citruses in general to women in the period of a lactation, to children about one year, to the people having an allergy to a citrus.

In conclusion — council: the pomelo in the crude look can store in the fridge about a month. After cleaning it should be used within several days, at most a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team