As it is correct to fry shrimps in garlic sauce

As it is correct to fry shrimps in garlic sauce

It is required to you

  • - deep frying pan;
  • - shrimps royal 1 kg;
  • - root of ginger of 20 g;
  • - garlic 3 segments;
  • - soy-bean sauce of 4 St of a spoon;
  • - lemon juice of 2 St of a spoon;
  • - vegetable oil of 5 St of spoons.


1. Shrimps it is necessary to clean. If the shrimps frozen, then we fill in them with boiled water for 2-3 minutes. Then we drain water and we clean shrimps from an armor. It is desirable to dry them a paper towel from residues of water.

2. We cut ginger thin circles, previously having peeled it. We peel garlic and we cut lengthways on 4 parts.

3. In a frying pan we pour vegetable oil and a soy-bean sauce and strongly we heat on big fire. We send segments of garlic to a frying pan and we fry them till golden color and emergence of garlic aroma. We pull out segments, and on a frying pan we lower ginger. Also we fry it 2-3 minutes and we pull out. Then on a frying pan we spread shrimps and we fry them. It is necessary to mix constantly that the burned crust didn't turn out. It is easy to define readiness of shrimps - they are displaced in a ball.

4. Ready shrimps we spread on a dish and we water with lemon juice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team