As it is correct to make айриш coffee

As it is correct to make айриш coffee

Among recipes of coffee cocktails with alcohol – айриш coffee (coffee in Irish) is one of the most popular and known. The coffee which is correctly made айриш has fine gustatory qualities and gives forces.

Ayrish coffee – the invention of the bartender Joe Sheridan – is considered the best coffee cocktail with alcohol from all possible variations. Whisky gives to this coffee beverage the fortress, dense cream – softness, a black coffee – the invigorating bright aroma, and a sugar syrup (or usual sugar) – light sweet.

In Irish will be necessary for preparation of 1 portion of coffee a special glass (a glass glass with the handle) and the following ingredients: 100 ml of svezhesvarenny coffee, 30 ml of whisky (in the original the Irish Jameson was used), sugar or a sugar syrup to taste and dense cream of 30% of fat content. For simplicity it is possible to use whipped cream.

In a glass glass it is necessary to pour accurately in whisky, then coffee (espresso is ideal, but it is possible also the black coffee made in a cezve without spicery) and syrup. It isn't necessary to mix them. Cold cream goes the last ingredient. If you use whipped cream, it is possible just to place a cap from cream on a coffee surface if liquid heavy cream, then it is accurate to pour in a glass a squirt until cream creates magnificent "cap". From above it is possible to decorate with cinnamon, but to leave better cocktail in an original form.

It is necessary to have Ayrish coffee without tubule, from edge of a glass, enjoying mix of hot and cold tastes and aroma of whisky. 

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