As it is correct to prepare boiled fish

As it is correct to prepare boiled fish

There are many options of thermal treatment of fish. It can be fried, extinguished, steamed... Today we will talk about how it is correct to cook fish. For cooking such fish species as a flounder, a hake, a trout, a halibut, a carp and many others use

For preparation of fish it is required to you:

  • 1 kg of any fish,
  • 1 head of onions of average size,
  • 200 гр carrots,
  • 4 laurel leaves, 8-10 pieces of bell pepper,
  • greens of fennel and parsley,
  • table salt.

Method of preparation of boiled fish:

  • Take fish, scale, take out an entrails, cut out gills, it is good to wash up.
  • The little small fish cooks whole, and it is desirable to cut big fish on pieces.
  • But here together it isn't necessary to cook large and a trifle.
  • In order that fish when cooking kept integrity, on it a sharp knife to make notches.
  • Place the cleaned and washed small fish in a pan a peel up, pour the boiling water so that fish was under water on two fingers.
  • Then there to put largely cut onions, carrot, bay leaf, black pepper, greens and table salt.
  • When strongly begins to boil, it is necessary to remove a skin and then to make small fire and to cook until ready.
  • When choosing for cooking of a pike, a flounder, a cod or a sterlet, time of cooking of 20-25 minutes.
  • And here the pike perch, a humpback salmon and a trout cooks quicker, only a quarter of hour. Learn whether our fish cooked it is necessary thus, having tried to separate from a piece or the whole small fish a fin.
  • In case that comes off easily fish is ready.

Enjoy your meal!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team