As it is correct to serve wine to a table

As it is correct to serve wine to a table

Many of us make an inexcusable mistake, serving to a table wine in not cooled look.

The formulation of "room temperature" is usually used that is a universal headache of the sommelier and just the people understanding wine. Remember once and for all and also teach children and grandchildren - red wine should be cooled!

No "room" temperature exists. Red wines of average density should be cooled in the fridge up to the temperature about 17 degrees. It concerns the wine made of grapes of such grades as Barbera, Cabernet Franc, гренаш (it a garnacha), Merlot. Such wines, as a rule, have fortress from 12% to 17% and are ideally combined with all fried dishes of the Italian and Spanish cuisines: paella, risotto.

Saturated red wine of such grades as Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, the boy, Shiraz, неббиоло, альянико will approach meat dishes. Moderately sweet, rich, dense, they possess in color from violet to purple and have to be given not less, than in half an hour of stay in the freezer. Yes, in the freezer, forget about "room temperature" of red wines. 

Light red wines, acid, pale ruby, it is also necessary to give after cooling in the freezer within at least 30 minutes. Are ideally combined with simple dishes, such as paste, pizza, with cheeses, bread, chicken, a duck, a turkey. The most known grade - pino-noir.  

Pink wines are light, juicy, is more often dry - it is necessary to cool in the freezer within 40 minutes. The Mediterranean kitchen - excellent maintenance to such grades as pino-noir to a rose, цинфандель (Californian - in any shop), Merlot to a rose, темпранильо (classics of Spain, it is concrete - the region of Rioja). Not to confuse salmon color with anything. It is the alphabet.

From simple to difficult. White dry wines should be served in a bucket with ice, it will be about 7 degrees - temperature which is most suitable for them. Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or the Hungarian Tokaj and also a muscat, pino-gr and an aligota - here the most known grades of grapes from which wines are ideally combined with salads, vegetables, fish and chicken.  

If you conceived to give a soft cheese and fried vegetables on a table, buy fragrant white wine (it is known also as "perfumed") and to put in the fridge a day before a feast. As a last resort - for 40-50 minutes to. It is wine of such grades as торронтес, a white muscat and riesling. Color of such wines, as a rule, yellowish, aroma pronounced flower and fruit, peach, apricot. As a rule, women very much love such wines.  

And practically with any fish, chicken, turkey, pork dishes, white corpulent wines are well combined with vegetables, mushrooms, nuts and soft cheeses. It is all the known grades of Chardonnay and семильон. Fruit aroma, with notes of an oak and vanilla. It is pleasant to look at its golden color as its dense, saturated taste is pleasant if a tax of its correct temperature; for this purpose such wine needs to be cooled in the freezer of minutes for 50 before giving.  

Sweet wine. Madeira, port wine. Here they just should be given - room temperature. On irony, our people just keep port wine in the fridge. Get port wine from the fridge, you store it in a locker and give on a table of "natural" temperature.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team