As it is possible to bake the whole turkey

As it is possible to bake the whole turkey

The Christmas turkey with cranberry sauce is a traditional dish of a Catholic holiday table. However the Russian hostesses often are afraid to prepare a bird, including it by too labor-intensive process. The following recipe is extremely simple and won't demand from you special culinary skills.

It is required to you

  • turkey;
    • salt;
    • vegetable oil;
    • food foil.
    • For cranberry sauce:
    • cranberry;
    • water;


1. Remove a package of giblets from a paunch of a turkey, without defreezing a carcass. For this purpose boil the kettle and pour boiled water in a bird within 2-3 minutes. Take out giblets.

2. Include an oven on a maximum. Carefully wrap up the prepared carcass in a foil. It will be quite good to make even several layers of packing. The main thing that there is no hole left anywhere. Place a wrapped up turkey on the baking tray oiled vegetable belly upwards, place in an oven at least for 2 hours.

3. Boil a necessary amount of water. Wring out juice from berries. Fill in cake with boiled water and well to a uvarita in a stewpan. Then once again wring out, cool and dissolve flour in the turned-out cranberry water. You uvarit the juice which is wrung out right at the beginning with honey to light density and when mix begins to boil, add to it carefully cranberry water. Once again you uvarit sauce.

4. 2 hours later get a baking tray and accurately develop a foil, previously having put on kitchen mittens. Check readiness of a turkey a wooden skewer and surely salt a carcass. If the skewer enters pulp without effort, then the dish is ready. Without wrapping a carcass in a foil, put a baking tray with it back in an oven for ten minutes in order that the ruddy crust turned out. If the turkey isn't ready, inwrap her in a foil and put in an oven to be worn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team