As lousy snack for the winter in glass jars is cooked

As lousy snack for the winter in glass jars is cooked

Lousy snack represents hot spice. She moves to second courses. She was fallen in love by very much due to the high gustatory qualities and the warming effect.

Make lousy snack for the winter by the hands. It can be twirled in banks, and then with approach of winter to get as required.

What will be required for preparation?

Before beginning to cook lousy snack, prepare in advance following ingredients: - garlic – 3 heads;

- red fresh tomatoes – 3 kg; - salt – is added to taste.

- a horse-radish root – 8 pieces.

Take green tomatoes if there is no opportunity to buy red or you missed the moment of their season. At the same time it is necessary to use them slightly more. 4 kg of green tomatoes will be required.

How to cook lousy snack?

Put roots of horse-radish in the cup filled with warm water. Leave them for 10-20 minutes, and then carefully wash and well clean with a knife. Then cut roots on small parts and overwind in the meat grinder. It is desirable to make it several times to process them most qualitatively. Especially it is important to repeat it if the mechanical meat grinder is used. Wash tomatoes, remove fruit stems and cut vegetables on segments. Take garlic and remove from it a peel. Segments need to be peeled and shifted in a bowl. Miss the cut tomatoes via the meat grinder. It is possible to make it in the capacity where horse-radish was located. Then overwind garlic in the meat grinder and add it to other components. Salt lousy snack. Add seasoning gradually not to spoil taste. Stir preparation as it is possible better. Then leave it for the night in order that she managed to infuse and develop a saturated taste. It is desirable to cover it or polyethylene. Prepare glass jars with a capacity of 0.5-1 l. Carefully wash tanks and sustain them for couple 6-8 minutes. Covers for them need to be boiled in a small pan within 5-10 minutes. Then it is possible to start twisting of snack. It doesn't need to be warmed, rather carefully to mix, and then once again to taste to make sure of what salt is necessary enough. Begin to package lousy snack. Fill the prepared banks to a neck. Then roll up them and remove to the dark place for several days, having exposed at the same time banks up a bottom. In several days move away them in a cellar or the storeroom. It will be possible to enjoy in the winter excellent taste of lousy snack which will please with the aroma.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team