As quickly and simple to prepare a biscuit with jam

As quickly and simple to prepare a biscuit with jam

The light and gentle biscuit is perfectly combined with any fruit fillings. This tasty soft dessert can be prepared quickly and rather simply. It is only necessary to adhere to accuracy in number of ingredients and preparation time.

Products for preparation of a biscuit

To prepare the most tasty dessert with jam, take:

- eggs – 5 pieces;

- sugar – 200 g; - jam – 150 g; - flour – 400 g; - soda – 0.5 tsps. For cream it is required to you: - milk – 700 ml; - a yolk – 2 pieces; - flour – 3 tablespoons.

Preparation of a dessert

For preparation of such biscuit it is possible to take any jam on your taste. It is possible to use jam with pieces of fruit to diversify a dough structure. Also sometimes add the crushed nuts to similar biscuits, if desired you can add the darlings.

At first be engaged in preparation of a biscuit. Shake up eggs with sugar before foam texturization. In separate ware mix jam with soda when jam begins to foam, accurately add to it a frothed eggs and gradually add flour. That dough didn't settle, mix very carefully.

Lay out ready dough in a form on baking paper and bake in the oven which is previously warmed up to 160 wasps about 30 minutes. The exact time of preparation depends on an oven and a form in which dough is baked. The main thing is to pierce periodically dough a toothpick or a special stick, checking whether the biscuit was overdried. To prepare cream, take 600 ml of milk, mix it with sugar and put on a plate. In a separate bowl mix 100 ml of milk, yolks and flour, having received liquid "dough", consistence similar to pancake. When milk on a plate begins to boil, gradually thin stream pour in it in mix, continuously stirring slowly. Remove the thickened cream from a plate and put to be cooled. When the biscuit is ready, take out it from a form. After cooling cut a biscuit on cake layers, grease them with the prepared cream and lay layers. Decorate the prepared biscuit with any fruit, a chocolate or nut crumb. If you want to make swiss roll right after you take out a ready biscuit from a form, grease it with a thick layer of cream, curtail roll and already in such look leave to be cooled. Then the biscuit will keep a form and will well become impregnated with cream. You can also prepare a biscuit with a jam stuffing. For this purpose take: - flour – 300 g; - sugar – 200 g; - egg – 8 pieces; - lemon zest – to taste; - jam – to taste. At first separate the whites from the yolks. Be careful, the yolk shouldn't get to proteins, otherwise the last won't be shaken up properly. Pound yolks with sugar until white, add to them lemon zest. Mix yolks with flour. Separately beat whites before formation of strong foam (to facilitate to themselves a task, it is better to cool proteins previously). Carefully mix egg whites and yolks with flour before formation of the uniform test and fill in in a form. Put a biscuit in the oven warmed up to 170 wasps. Bake dough about 40-45 minutes. Soak a ready biscuit with favourite jam, having put layers or having rolled.

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