As there is a sweet and not to recover

As there is a sweet and not to recover

Often sweet teeth for the love for desserts pay too high price – excess weight. The severe payment can be avoided if to know several rules.

What to choose: sweeties or attractive figure?

Millions of sweet teeth dream to find the answer to this question worldwide. And what if it isn't necessary to choose? It is possible to have also a slim figure, and remorselessly there are chocolates and cakes.

5 rules of the use of desserts

  • Reduce caloric content. The adult in day needs to eat about 2000 kcal to support the organism in working order. Reconsider the diet, you will choose a dessert not on 500 kcal, and on 200. For example, you will be able to eat two strips of chocolate or a half of cake.
  • Choose the correct sweeties. Honey, dried fruits, bitter chocolate, natural jams are simple sweeties which not only help to satisfy thirst for various products, but also allow an organism to be loaded with energy for all day.
  • Eat sweet for breakfast. In the morning our organism works more actively. It acquires products quicker, and spends calories. Evening intake of sweet can provoke insomnia and accumulation of fat weight.
  • Do sports. Active walk or jog will help to cheer up and reduce thirst for sweet, and marshmallows or fruit jelly after such activity won't do harm to your figure.
  • You watch structure. Pay attention to structure of your favourite sweeties. Avoid desserts where there are a lot of food supplements as they provoke strengthening of appetite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team