As well as why to miss a breakfast

As well as why to miss a breakfast

If "fitness" and "health" for you not mere words, most likely you treat a breakfast seriously. Perhaps, your morning begins with porridge with nuts and fresh fruit, protein cocktail, etc. After that you have a pride that you on the right track and, thanks to these efforts, don't pass a training in vain. Actually it is possible to improve physical shape and health, missing a breakfast.

Periodic starvation – rather known practice. The main essence – having rummaged in meal for 16 hours. But in day 8 hours it is possible to afford a lot of healthy food. If to practice periodic starvation and to miss a breakfast, it is only possible to become healthier: muscles will accrue and cholesterol will fall.

Advantage for a brain

Contrary to ambiguous opinion, hunger increases reaction of a brain and increases sharpness of mind. To it there is a logical basis: to catch or find to itself food in ancient times of collecting and hunting, the person needed to be more dexterous and attentive.

Various diets are based on that the brain reacted to the events better around. Interesting fact: from all existing restrictions on food on positive impacts on a brain periodic starvation is in the lead. Actually, refusing since morning the next portion of porridge, you don't doom yourself to slackness. In reality, having missed a breakfast, the brain will concentrate and will begin to work quicker, reacting to irritants more effectively.

Cholesterol lowering of the level

Cholesterol is the most dangerous, serious and widespread problem with health in the world. It is known that high-calorific greasy food substantially increases the level of lipids in blood. It involves serious consequences: increase in risk of an extensive heart attack, microheart attack, heart attack.

Periodic starvation will reprogram the habitual principles fat use by an organism. Such approach increases in the natural way the level of an expense of fat cells for energy extraction. Thus, fat becomes the main power source, replacing glucose on this post.

Practicing periodic starvation and missing a breakfast, you only become healthier: without medical intervention and extreme diets the level of lipids in blood returns to normal.

Stimulation of muscle growth

In the course of growth of muscle bulk and anabolism hormone of growth plays not the last role. It is necessary to remember that to start adaptive mechanisms thanks to which there are processes of growth and restoration of a muscular tissue the natural level of hormone of growth helps with an organism. Short-term starvation (refusal of a breakfast) on a constant basis – effectively increases growth hormone secretion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team