At what food of most of all useful properties for heart and vessels

At what food of most of all useful properties for heart and vessels

Magnesium and potassium — important minerals which the human body not always receives in enough. Without them the cardiovascular system of the person suffers that does possible development of various diseases in this sphere. The same treats also many vitamins, especially from group B. Fortunately, there are many tasty and useful products by means of which it is possible not only to diversify a diet, but also to enrich it with vital substances.

Features of meal for an organism

Healthy food is not deprivation of of all pleasures, but reasonable observance of rules of acceptance of food. It is science how to become healthy and to remain such further.

For this purpose it is necessary to approach food questions rationally, defining quantity of food, limiting consumption of fats, using natural integral products (fruit, vegetables and cereals), and reducing amount of thermally processed food in a diet.

Control of portions

The moderation is a basis of healthy food, and dimensional check of portions will allow to eat favourite products without harm for health. To control food and to receive at the same time the necessary amount of nutrients, at each meal mentally divide the plate into four equal parts.

1/4 part of a plate have to be taken away under carbohydrates, such as pasta or potatoes. Proteinaceous food (meat, fish) has to occupy 1/4 more part of a plate, and other space is given to vegetables.

Important! Products which expiration date long does not expire, most likely, contain unnatural preservatives, additives and chemicals. It is better to avoid similar food.

Fruit and vegetables

Vegetables and fruit contain vitamins, antioxidants, cellulose and minerals at a minimum of calories. Addition of fruit and vegetables in a usual diet can reduce risk of development of chronic diseases and provide an organism with nutrients which are necessary for it.

It will be useful for you to esteem about what vegetables and fruit the most dangerous as it is correct to wash them what vegetables it is more useful to eat boiled and also why fruit lead to obesity.

In addition, vegetable products create feeling of satiety thanks to the high content of cellulose therefore they prevent hunger and reduce temptation to eat later.


Integral grain and products from them, such as oats, wheat, rice, pasta, wheat flour, cornmeal and bulgur, reduce risk of development of cardiovascular diseases, including a stroke.

Inclusion of porridges in a diet can reduce risk of appearance of the following illnesses also:

  • asthmas,
  • diseases of gums,
  • losses of teeth,
  • high blood pressure,
  • colorectal cancer,
  • inflammatory diseases.

Forbidden fats

Though fat is necessary for healthy food, it is necessary to avoid its certain types. The saturated fats arriving from animal sources increase cholesterol level in blood, risk of development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Video: advantage and harm of fats Transzhirov it is necessary to avoid too, for the same reasons. Healthier fats which should be consumed in moderate quantities — monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are present at kernels of nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil and avocado.

Salt restriction

Salt promotes increase in arterial blood pressure, thereby increasing risk of development of a stroke or coronary heart disease. To three quarters of salt the human body receives from already ready-made products (bread, pastries, sausage, vegetable, canned and fish meat).

We advise to esteem how to refuse the salt use why men cannot use salt, in what advantage of sea, pink and Himalaya salt.

Salt is also used as preservative, the modifier of taste, additive for change of color or texture of foodstuff. Many products of processing, such as tinned meat and fish, marinated or salty vegetables, bread and confectionery, pasta, salad gas stations (mayonnaise, ketchup), ready snack and grain, contain a large amount of salt.

Important! Salt (sodium) is the electrolyte necessary for an organism, but in very moderate quantities. Too much salt can lead to deduction of water in an organism (hypostases) or lead to more serious diseases, such as hypertension.

To avoid glut of an organism salt, it is necessary to reduce consumption of these products and also to reduce amount of salt at house cooking. It several times will reduce risk of further development of cardiovascular diseases.

Temporary restrictions in food

Do not eat food after six o'clock in the evening and furthermore late at night, almost at night. It is very harmful to an organism as instead of having a rest, digestive system continues to work during the night.

Not to mention that the calories absorbed since evening are not spent anywhere, and collect and turn into excess body weight. The person gets fat, it becomes more difficult to it to move, bend, there is short wind, load of heart raises.

Fasting days

Periodically arrange to an organism fasting days. It is optional to refuse completely food, though it (temporary and short) starvation is not harmful at all. In fasting day it is possible to eat easy for digestion, low-calorie food (fermented milk products, fruit, vegetable salads).

It is very useful to cook in fasting days easy, dietary soups on water which main ingredients will be cabbage, carrots, onions and tomatoes. It will help to lose excess weight and to unload an organism a little.

Important! It is possible to arrange fasting days not more often than once a week as at their more frequent carrying out the organism can receive less useful vitamins and minerals, important for functioning.

Video: correct carrying out fasting days

What products are useful to heart

For improvement of work of heart it is necessary to include in a diet products which contain certain minerals and useful substances, in particular magnesium and potassium.

  1. Almonds — it contains B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum), vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. Having eaten a little tasty and dried almonds (about 1/4 glasses a day), the person will be able to lighten the mood and to support action of the heart. Vitamins of group B and magnesium help to produce serotonin which increases mood. It is scientifically proved that zinc removes negative consequences of a stress, and vitamin E is antioxidant which destroys the free radicals connected with a stress and heart diseases.
  2. Haricot — it a bean plant contains more protein, than any other vegetable products. Only one glass of haricot provides a quarter of that amount of protein which is necessary to the person daily. In haricot there are group B vitamins, iron already calcium necessary to an organism. Besides, bean are considered as the cleaning nature brush because 15 g of cellulose, passing through intestines, clean off cholesterol from its walls.

For certain will interestingly read you about in what advantage of white, red and siliculose beans.

  1. Bilberry — almost all berries and fruit are good for a human body (cherries, strawberry, mango, peaches), but these dark blue berries work overtime, delivering antioxidants and vitamin C. In them there are not enough calories and sugar therefore they can be eaten in unlimited number. Bilberry is also a good source of cellulose which can help to facilitate the spasms in muscles and a lock arising in a stressful state. Fresh (freshly frozen) bilberry can be included in a daily breakfast: eating with porridge or having mixed 100 g of berries with some simple yogurt.
  2. Broccoli — this vegetable is a source of vitamin B and folic acid, important for heart. Folic acid stops stressful and disturbing states, the panic attack and even treats a depression. For preservation of all useful substances, it is desirable for broccoli to steam. Broccoli is enough to include in the menu in the form of a garnish two times a week.
  3. Chocolate — the benefit is brought by dark chocolate (it is desirable to take a tile with the content of cocoa not less than 70%). The scientific research conducted by the staff of the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania showed that the use of 170 g of dark chocolate in a week significantly reduces the level of bad cholesterol. And also that cocoa contains phenols — antiseptic, anti-inflammatory connections which reduce risk of heart diseases, holding fats from oxidation in blood and not allowing them to clog arteries.
  4. Deciduous greens — spinach, cabbage, dandelion leaves, greens of turnip and a mangold. These products provide an organism with iron and a large amount of vitamin C — both substances are good for strengthening of bones, teeth and hair. Also in greens there are a vitamin A and magnesium helping the person not to be nervous. In day it is necessary to eat it not less than 100 g. It can be added to salads, garnishes, the first and second courses.
  5. Beef — in red meat of beef is zinc, iron and vitamin B. Also this product provides long saturation (it is important as the feeling of hunger can cause irritability and concern). Avoid some fat beef and try to use fast meat (without fat). A daily portion of beef — 120-170 g. Meat can be eaten boiled and stewed, in such look it is more useful fried.

Whether you know? People who eat at least 30 grams of nuts every day have 20% less chances to die of any reason within the next thirty years. At the same time they have lower weight, than those who never eat nuts — it disproves popular belief that on a nut diet recover.

  1. The salmon and other fish — meat of the majority of species of fish contain vitamins B, B6 and B12. B12 vitamin is very important for production of serotonin; its deficiency can lead to a depression. The omega-3 fatty acids is in a salmon (in river more, in grown up on fish farms — it is less) and also in fish canned food from a tuna. Fish can be boiled, baked on a grill or to fry. A day portion of fish — 100-150 g.
  2. Walnuts — contain alpha and linolenic acid, one of fatty acids an omega-3, similar to that which contains in a salmon and a fat herring. A handful of walnuts in day as having a snack — an easy and effective way to provide an organism with important nutrients.
  3. Grain — porridges from whole seeds of wheat, barley, rice, a millet, buckwheat, corn. It is not all list, only a little from nineteen types of grain which can be prepared. Whole grains slowly are digested, giving long feeling of saturation. Also cereals increase serotonin level, lightening the mood. Daily portion of cereals: porridge from 150 g of any whole grain. It is desirable to combine reception with portion of vegetables and food with the high content of protein.

What products are useful to vessels

Food of the person directly influences a condition of its organism, including health of the blood circulatory system. Over time the diet with the high content of fat and the processed (ready) food increases cholesterol level in blood.

The LPNP high cholesterol (bad cholesterol) is one of the causes of atherosclerosis. It collects on walls of arterial vessels, narrows them and interferes with appropriate blood circulation. Atherosclerosis increases risk of development of strokes or a heart attack.

By means of dietary food it is quite possible to clean arteries from sclerous plaques, to improve blood circulation and to adjust the correct work of a blood system. Many products possessing the useful substances, minerals and vitamins necessary for work of arteries and blood vessels it is equivalent are useful also to work of heart.

Here what products will help to keep health of blood vessels:

  1. Garlic — perfectly cleans a cardiovascular system, reduces the level of bad cholesterol in blood and prevents formation of fat deposits in blood vessels. Thanks to the substances released at digestion of garlic such as hydrogen sulfide, blood vessels relax, thereby increasing a blood-groove. It is necessary to include, at least, 1-4 garlic gloves in the daily menu. It is the best of all to consume garlic crude, but it is possible to add it to first courses upon termination of preparation, or to salads, combining with various vegetables (carrots, beet).
  2. Olive oil — thanks to irreplaceable fatty acids successfully reduces the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good. Besides, oil of an olive is rich with antioxidants and polyphenols — substances which interfere with formation of fat deposits in blood vessels. It is desirable to fill with olive oil any vegetables salad, also on it it is possible to spasserovat on weak fire onions and carrots for preparation of first courses.

We recommend to esteem about for what and how to use olive oil for the person, a body and hair.

  1. Watermelon — besides excellent taste, this berry is also a doctor for blood vessels. Watermelon — a natural source of L-tsitrullina, the amino acid helping to reduce inflammation of blood vessels and to reduce arterial blood pressure. Therefore eat watermelons as soon as it is obviously possible — they are very useful.
  2. Almonds — these nuts are rich with the nonsaturated fatty acids regulating cholesterol level in an organism. Besides, almonds are rich with magnesium which prevents formation of fat deposits in blood vessels. Consume a handful of nuts once a day. It is desirable to use not the fried, and dried or crude almonds.
  3. Broccoli — vegetable is the supplier of vitamin K preventing the shortage of calcium in blood vessels. Besides, broccoli abounds sulforafany — substance which helps an organism to use proteins for prevention of formation of fat deposits in blood vessels. Inclusion of broccoli in the weekly menu not less than 2-3 times will help to clean blood vessels. It is the best of all to consume the crude vegetables steamed.
  4. Salmon — it is equivalent it is useful both to work of heart, and to purity of arteries. This is fish much the omega-3 contains fatty acids which increase the level of good cholesterol and reduce formation of fat deposits in blood vessels. Besides, the salmon regulates the level of triglycerides and reduces inflammation of blood vessels. It is recommended to consume two portions of a salmon a week. It is the best of all to steam him or on a grill.

Whether you know? A breakfast — the most important food because it gives to a body and mind necessary nutrients and energy for functioning during the day. If you regularly have breakfast, it will help deduction of weight at the necessary level as morning meal improves a metabolism.

Video: advantage of a salmon

  1. Avocado — helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, improving the movement of blood on vessels. In addition, avocado abounds with the vitamin E helping to reduce blood pressure. If it is possible, eat one avocado a day.
  2. Orange — scientists believe that thanks to high concentration of vitamin C and polyphenols which contain in oranges much their reception cleans blood vessels, providing a good blood-groove. In a week it is enough to eat 500-700 g of oranges.
  3. Linen seed — one of the best sources of alpha and linoleic acid (omega-3 of fatty acid) which reduces arterial blood pressure and cleans blood vessels from fat deposits. Do not forget at least three times a week to add flax seeds to food. There is enough half of a teaspoon of the flax seeds crushed in flour at one time.
  4. The asparagus — thanks to a rich combination of minerals and vitamins, including K, B1, B2, C and E, it is one of the best products for cleaning of blood vessels. This vegetable reduces arterial blood pressure and helps to struggle with various cardiovascular diseases. As much as possible to keep nutritional value of an asparagus, it is necessary to eat it crude or to steam. It is quite enough to include an asparagus in the menu of a lunch or dinner 2-3 times a week, portions in 100-150 g.

Learn more how to avoid cardiovascular diseases and also what vitamins are useful to heart and vessels.

Heart and vessels work without interruption at an extent of all human life, at the same time suffering from the greasy food eaten by us, addictions and lack of physical exercises. The person can help the organism, watching its state and having included in a diet healthy food, vitamin-rich and minerals.

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