Baitcha tea for weight loss

Baitcha tea for weight loss

Tea drinking — one of new trends in weight loss. Though the idea actually isn't new: Chinese and Japanese, the main consumers of tea on the planet, differ in symmetry, good health and longevity.

In the world hundreds of grades of tea, the absolute majority of which is allocated with health giving qualities of various character, are known. Some teas tone up and invigorate, others calm and improve a dream, the third — strengthen the immune system and free radicals destroy. There are teas which improve a metabolism, stimulate digestion and reduce cholesterol level in blood. Experts revealed that the regular use of the last helps to fight against excess weight. Ginger tea, milk oolong tea, all grades green were the most effective in weight loss. And still baitcha tea upon which we will dwell.

Baitcha tea is a variation green, allocated in a separate grade thanks to features of collecting and processing. In the early spring on plantations work is humming: delicate hands of farmers collect the young kidneys of a green tea which hardly arose. Very gentle, similar to the buds of flowers covered with a white down. Their processing takes place in 2 stages: at first drench the ferry, then dry up at a certain temperature.

In Celestial Empire baitcha tea nicknamed "an elixir of immortality and eternal youth". It is considered that till an extreme old age this grade stimulates work of a brain, clears up mind. Scientists in it found the enzymes which are strengthening vessels and slowing down skin aging. One more property of useful drink — ability to weaken influence of harmful ultraviolet. And Chinese women from antiquity use a white grade for maintenance of symmetry and elasticity of skin. That baitcha tea for weight loss showed all the properties fully, it should be made correctly. Take a clay teapot and spring or bottled water. Scald boiled water a vessel from within, then splash a little abrupt boiled water that liquid covered a bottom. Densely realize a cover and wait a couple of minutes. Drain water and quickly throw 1-2 spoons of tea leaves into a teapot. Fill a vessel up to the top with water — not boiled water, and is hotter (75-80 degrees), it is impossible above as the white grade in this case marks out the increased concentration of essential oils. It is possible to use the same tea leaves for drink to three times. Have such tea in a warm or cold look, without sugar or honey. The scheme for losing weight is as follows: in the morning on an empty stomach — in half an hour a breakfast. Then one cup instead of having a snack following — for half an hour till a lunch. Again baitcha tea instead of an afternoon snack. And still a drink cup shortly before a dinner. Try to make the most balanced and low-fat the food. Lean on bean, a citrus, vegetables, boiled meat, shrimps, fish, greens, a sea cabbage, whole-grain bread. Judging by responses, the white grade of curative tea helps to maintain diets, and on condition of respect for the principles of healthy food significantly accelerates weight loss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team