Banana cocktail with pistachio nuts

Banana cocktail with pistachio nuts

Banana cocktail with nuts - very tasty drink with saturated taste. At will it is possible to replace nuts with grated chocolate or to add it in the course of preparation of fruit mix.

It is required to you

  • - 1 articles of a fruit yoghourt (it is desirable banana)
  • - 1 cups of milk
  • - pistachio nuts
  • - 1 banana


1. Cut banana in half. Carefully knead one part by means of a fork or crush in the blender.

2. In separate capacity mix a fruit yoghourt, milk and banana gruel. Shake up all ingredients in homogeneous mass by means of the mixer. Crush pistachio nuts a knife or in the blender.

3. Pour the prepared mix on glasses or glasses. Pistachio nuts can be laid out small hills over the shaken-up cocktail or to mix with banana mix during its preparation.

4. Cut the remained half of banana thin ringlets and decorate with them edges of a glass. From above cocktail and fruit can be strewed with a small amount of icing sugar and to decorate with decorative tubules.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team