Barley porridge is how useful

Barley porridge is how useful

Once porridge was considered as the main course on a table. In the present time of their steel unfairly to force out various semi-finished products which negatively affect human health. Having included barley porridge in the diet, you will saturate the organism with vitamins, minerals and other useful substances.


1. Useful properties of barley are known to much. Carbohydrates, minerals, cellulose, proteins, B1, B6, B2, PP vitamins, a primary vitamin are its part And. After heat treatment of grain, in barley porridge all valuable substances remain. Besides, in barley is available: calcium, magnesium, potassium, is well-cared, iron, iodine, a pine forest, silicon, sulfur, starch, chrome, phosphorus, molybdenum, zinc, vitamins E and D, food fibers and amino acids. There are at barleycorns also antibacterial natural substances.

2. Barley porridge is very useful to a cardiovascular system as grain contains essential amino acid a lysine which supports energy level, keeps heart healthy. It is recommended to include in a diet barley porridge to the people having arthritis. That in barley there is a large amount of silicon porridge from this grain provides a human body with enough this substance. Silicon contributes to the development of full-fledged and healthy cartilages, helps bones to absorb calcium better.

3. Group B vitamins with which porridge from barley is rich favorably influence mental activity. Therefore students should consume porridge during the session and also to people whose work is connected with intellectual loading. It is allowed to eat barley porridge at diabetes as it has a low glycemic index. Barley slime which is formed after cooking of porridge promotes healing of ulcers and wounds on walls of a stomach, intestines.

4. Holin with whom barley porridge is rich is necessary for normal work of nervous system. This substance also regulates insulin level in an organism, improves work of kidneys, protects a liver from obesity. Barley is a champion on cellulose content among other grain. Especially there is a lot of in beta glucan porridge (soluble cellulose) which reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in blood, removes toxins and makes active the immune system and also is the strongest antioxidant which is slowing down aging.

5. Barley porridge is extremely nutritious and tasty. Energy value of this product on 100 grams makes about 320 kilocalories. All substances which are a part of grain are acquired by an organism for all 100%. Despite the considerable caloric content, porridge use in some diets, the product promotes clarification of an organism, interferes with adjournment of fat weight, and high nutritive properties do process of weight loss by the most comfortable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team