"Beef meat: advantage and harm, preparation secrets

"Beef meat: advantage and harm, preparation secrets

Beef — one of dietary types of meat which are especially appreciated in cookery. It is how useful also to whom beef in what look it is better to use it can be harmful, we learn in this article.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Let's consider structure and caloric content of beef on the example of cutting.

Nutrition value on 100 g of a product:

  • proteins — 22.2 g;
  • fats — 7.1 g;
  • carbohydrates — 0.01 g.

Caloric content — 158 kcal.


  • vitamins — B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B9, B12, E, K, PP;
  • minerals — potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, zinc;
  • amino acids — an isoleucine, a lysine, methionine, tryptophane;
  • fatty acids — an omega-3, an omega-6;
  • monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids.

Whether you know? Domestic cows occurred from wild bulls who were tamed by the person about eight thousand years ago. Their meat ancient Romans, Scythians, Greeks, however, for mere mortals ate it was not the available pleasure.

Than beef is useful

As a part of a product there are a lot of vitamins of group B, amino acids and minerals which are important for human health. Beef liver, for example, is a champion among products on iron content. Let's consider what benefit meat of beef brings to an organism.

For men

The advantage of a product for men consists in the following:

  • development and normal level of testosterone in blood;
  • protein source, and respectively, and energy;
  • strengthening of a bone tissue;
  • accumulation of muscle bulk;
  • increase in potency;
  • fast restoration after heavy physical activities;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • strengthening of a hair bulb (prevention of early baldness).

Important! At abuse of meat of beef the risk of a malignant tumor in a thick gut therefore it is not desirable to eat more than 550 g a week increases.

For women

Advantage of meat of beef for women:

  • prevention of chronic fatigue;
  • maintenance of health of hair and skin;
  • production of collagen;
  • increase in level of hemoglobin;
  • restoration after plentiful critical days;
  • increase in ability of cages to regenerate;
  • support of an endocrine system;
  • normalization of functions of a reproductive system.

Too frequent consumption of beef can lead to the strengthened production of hypodermic fat, the increased fat content of hair. Women can eat without fear up to 160 g of a product a day.

For children

Children are recommended to enter meat of beef into a feeding up after mixed and fruit vegetables, at the age of six-eight months. Considering availability of thiamine, Riboflavinum, amino acids, iron, calcium and other important substances in the structure of a young organism, meat, in particular, beef in baby food it is necessary.

This product promotes strengthening and growth of bone, muscle, connecting tissues, besides, performs a number of such operations:

  • develops memory, ability to acquire a training material, mental activity in general;
  • gives necessary energy;
  • maintains healthy sight;
  • forms nervous and endocrine system;
  • normalizes exchange processes, water-salt balance, microflora of a stomach and intestines;
  • strengthens immunity.

In what look it is better to use

To take a maximum of useful substances from meat, it is necessary to know in what look it is better to eat it.

Crude beef

The crude product, on the one hand, is considered the most useful to health and a lung for a digestive tract as it is acquired completely, unlike the meat which underwent heat treatment. It is clear, as all elements of structure get to an organism fully. One more plus — it is proved that the crude product is not allergen.

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However you should not forget about risk of infection with parasites, cases, however, rare, but happen. Fortunately, many crude beef dishes are cooked from the meat which is previously frozen at rather low temperatures.

Boiled (boiled) beef

Boiled meat is useful for a stomach: it reduces acidity of gastric juice and activity of the enzymes irritating mucous. The moderate use will serve as prevention of cardiovascular diseases, normalizes work of the haematogenic system, work of a brain. When cooking the proteins which are present at structure and amino acids practically do not collapse, filling an organism with energy for all day. It is night products better not to use is a heavy food. The dinner has to be in three-four hours prior to a dream.


Braised beef has no high caloric content. If meat is chosen correctly, then its processing will not take a lot of time, so, all useful substances will remain. The product is useful to patients after surgeries, to athletes (a set of muscle bulk and restoration after the trainings).

Important! It is not desirable to eat often a dish at type 2 diabetes, during exacerbation of an ulcer, gastritis and other diseases of a GIT.


Fried food — in general a taboo at nutritionists and gastroenterologists: except own cholesterol and fat, still vegetable fats when frying are added. According to researches of the scientific different countries, in strongly zazharyonny beef the quantity of mutagens increases that increases risk of tumors.

Beef broth

Broth was the remedy helping to restore forces after a wearisome disease or after operation at all times. Especially it is useful when firm and greasy food is contraindicated to the patient. Content of fats in fast beef broth — no more than 1% for 100 g, and caloric content — is less than 20 calories.

Whether it is possible to eat beef

Whether let's understand all states it is possible to use beef whether the product at some diseases is resolved.

At pregnancy and breastfeeding

Unanimous opinion of gynecologists, reproduktolog and obstetricians: meat in general and beef in particular needs to be eaten. Without the main source of protein the women at first have problems with conception, then with incubation and patrimonial activity.

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Except protein, it is a source of magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and almost all group of vitamins B which existence is especially important for pregnant women. They form all systems of an organism of a fruit, reduce risk of an abortion, risk of pathologies of a nervous tube of the child and other. The same concerns the lactation period — reasonable consumption of a product at GV will transfer to a children's organism all range of the substances received by mother. Will strengthen protective properties of the little man and will promote normal formation of digestive system of the kid.

At weight loss

Beef meat is considered one of the most low-calorie therefore it often recommend to lose if desired for the use excess weight. The diet often limits the choice of products, and the correct balance of vitamins and minerals is necessary for maintenance of health. Beef dishes will fill up a lack of useful elements at a diet.

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At pancreatitis and gastritis

At a sharp form or aggravation of a chronic form of a disease it is possible to use dishes on couple, from fillet of young individuals. If food is cooked from other parts of ink, it is necessary to remove fat layers, sinews and cartilages: they not for a sore stomach. Broths and a fried product are not desirable.

What meat is more useful: pork, beef or mutton

Types of meat, most popular in cookery: pork, beef and mutton. That it is more useful, let's understand.

There is an opinion that in pork most of all cholesterol, but it not so. In eggs and in butter many times it is more. Meat of pork is fatter, than other types, but it more gently, is preparing easier. Who does not love greasy food, can choose more fast piece of ink.

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Pork is recommended for the use in the winter when the organism needs a lot of energy on heating, high-calorie food will fill a lack of energy. Besides pork fat, unlike a cow product, is acquired by our stomach completely. Pork is a champion among meat products on the content of vitamin B and amino acids. Cow meat — an ideal product for the active people who are fond of sport. It contains collagen and elastin which give to our muscles ability to stretch, strengthen connecting fabric, cartilages and ligaments, doing them by more mobile. In off-season the product will warn avitaminosis and anemia as it resupplies hemoglobin and vitamins, saturates an organism with the whole group of important minerals.

Whether you know? Enterprising Japanese, growing up marbled beef, for its successful selling and giving of a certain elitism of the products composed the whole legend of methods of care for the cows. Allegedly do to Burenkas daily massage under music of classical works, treat heifers with beer of the best grades. Actually, marbling of a product is entirely a merit of the livestock specialists who are engaged in selection.

As for mutton — it was always one fan more. It is necessary to get used to a product as even young meat has specific smack and a smell. This not fattest of all types of meat, contains a minimum of cholesterol and fats. It is useful for elderly people whose organism is not capable to digest heavy food, is recommended to the people wishing to lose weight, having diabetes, problems with vessels.

Preparation secrets

Food has to be not only healthy, but also tasty, we will consider secrets of preparation of a soft and juicy dish:

  1. We choose a product: the meat is younger, the it is lighter, the more small than its fiber, and fat of cream color. An old product dark red, fat at it yellow.
  2. That meat prepared easier and was soft, it needs to be cut across fibers.
  3. Before laying out on a frying pan, it is necessary to blot residues of water well.
  4. Salt a fried dish for half an hour to readiness, otherwise it loses juice, as a result will be dry and harsh.
  5. To give even more softness of tenderness to a dish, portion pieces slightly beat off.
  6. The old product can return softness by means of marinade before cooking. For this purpose use: dry wine, wine vinegar, fresh juice of a lemon. Pickle from 1 tofour o'clock. Sinewy pieces rub with dry mustard or maintain in pineapple juice.
  7. That meat when frying did not lose all juice, to it at first allow to blush from all directions on strong fire, and then reduce fire and keep to readiness under a cover, adding liquid.
  8. That meat was not dry when roasting, it is densely wrapped in a foil. If the mistake was made: baked without foil, take a dish over the boiling water.
  9. To give softness to old meat, it can previously be boiled thoroughly, and then to fry or extinguish.

Video: How to boil beef

Let's sum up: the human body needs meat. Any product of plant origin (vegetarians kind of did not convince of the return) will not saturate an organism with the protein, necessary on quality and quantity. The lack of this substance leads to a set of diseases.

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