Beer at pregnancy: whether it is possible to drink on early and late terms

Beer at pregnancy: whether it is possible to drink on early and late terms

During pregnancy the woman has to care not only for a condition of the health, but also the child. Many future mothers on a habit, forgetting about the situation, continue to take low alcohol drinks, for example, beer.

In this article we will consider how alcoholic drink influences the pregnant woman and her future child.

Why there is a wish for some beer at pregnancy

Desire to use any given product is a signal of an organism of the shortage of any vitamins. But it is optional to eat immediately what he prompts to you. If the product can do much harm to you and to future kid, it is worth replacing it with another, more useful, or vitamins.

In this case beer yeast can be added to various food or to drink in tablets, when necessary.

Whether you know? If you suddenly wanted some beer, your organism needs vitamins of the A, B, E group or lactic and fruit acids.

Whether a little beer is possible during pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy do not refuse to themselves the arisen desire to drink a drink, a glass or even a small bottle of beer, forgetting about with what it threatens the mental and physical state of health of a fruit.

Alcohol even in small quantities can cause such problems:

  • has negative effect on mentality and the level of development of the child;
  • threatens with emergence of physical deviations;
  • can lead to the birth of the premature kid.

At regular abuse of alcoholic beverages you risk to award the child with a syndrome of alcohol addiction from the first days of existence. And the phytoestrogen (the substances similar in structure and to properties with human hormones) which is contained in this drink are very harmful also to a female body.

On early terms

Consumption of beer in the first trimester of pregnancy threatens a fruit with developing of malformations as during this period there is a formation of a heart, blood and nervous systems.

Important! It is possible to reveal not all malformations in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the second trimester

In the second trimester the developing fruit is more protected from harmful effects of food by completely created placenta. But if you think that now it is possible to afford a glass of beer, then strongly are mistaken. Alcohol without any work gets through a placentary barrier into the blood system of a fruit and for a long time is late in its organism.

On late terms

Even the glass of this drink in the third trimester of pregnancy and during feeding by a breast is not permissible as its penetration into a weak organism can become the cause of nervous breakdowns at the kid.

If mother takes alcohol-containing drinks regularly, the child gets used to availability of alcohol in an organism, in other words too — dependences.

Thus, the answer to a question whether beer at pregnancy is harmful, unambiguous — beer and pregnancy are incompatible.

Important! Beer — the high-calorie drink promoting a set of weight not only at the woman but also at a fruit that can complicate a rodorazresheniye considerably.

Whether nonalcoholic beer is possible for pregnant women

Many pregnant women are sincerely convinced that a nulyovka (nonalcoholic beer) — an excellent alternative to alcoholic beverages which will not do any harm to future kid. But this huge delusion. Drink nevertheless contains small amount of alcohol. And, as it was mentioned earlier, the most dangerous in this drink — phytoestrogen. These hormones contain also in nulyovka.

Whether you know? The most expensive beer in the world — Vielle Bon Secours (Belgium). The price for a bottle — about 1 thousand dollars.

To drink even nonalcoholic beer on early terms, in the second and in the third trimester of pregnancy it is forbidden. It can become the reason of an abortion, a premature rodorazresheniye, flaking of a placenta, problems with health of future child. Besides, at women with beer dependence violations of kidney activity, hypostases and existence of stones in kidneys are observed.

Nonalcoholic beer at pregnancy: video

Strange desires during pregnancy are perceived as norm for a long time, but it is not necessary to indulge you to each of them. Pregnant women and the feeding mothers are forbidden to take alcohol including beer because it perniciously influences their organism.

Learn whether pregnant women can drink red wine.

Even nonalcoholic beer is not safe as too contains preservatives and fragrances, alcohol and phytoestrogen. Be most attentive to the diet during pregnancy, you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for yet not born child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team