Beet juice for pregnant women: advantage or harm

Beet juice for pregnant women: advantage or harm

Juice delivers a large amount of vitamins and minerals which she needs at this time in an organism of the pregnant woman. Among these useful drinks there is such which should be used correctly. It is juice well all of a familiar root crop — beet. Let's consider, than beet juice, its contraindications and harm as it should be drunk is useful to pregnant women.

Beet juice for pregnant women

Beet is traditional vegetable for our country, and allergic reactions to it practically do not meet. This vegetable appears in different recipes of Slavic cuisine and usually undergoes heat treatment.

The juice which is squeezed out of crude beet contains the vitamins and minerals necessary for pregnant women, but incorporates also hazardous substances which, contacting to air and being oxidized, collapse.

Study useful properties of beet.


Juice from beet contains group B vitamins including B9 vitamin (folic acid) so necessary for development of a fruit and also vitamin C, E and niatsin.

In it there are such useful minerals as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and also iron, copper, chrome, cobalt, iodine and others. Also contains carbohydrates, organic acids and dyes, natural antiseptics, a betaine.

Whether you know? Sheet beet began to be cultivated in the Mediterranean countries for 2 thousand years B.C. It was used not only in food, but also for treatment. This vegetable already in the cultivated look appeared in Russia only in the 10-11th centuries from Byzantium, and in several centuries extended across Europe. In the Middle Ages was considered that he helps to struggle with plague.

It is useful to the pregnant woman the following properties:

  • prevents anemia;
  • contains the mass of the useful minerals necessary for normal development of a fruit;
  • fights against locks;
  • reduces high pressure;
  • removes toxins and improves a metabolism;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • antiedematous;
  • onkoprotektorny;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • strengthens bones and teeth;
  • it is useful to a pancreas and a liver.

Contraindications and harm

The direct ban to intake of this drink are the following diseases:

  • individual intolerance;
  • diarrhea;
  • diabetes;
  • the gastrointestinal diseases accompanied with the increased acidity;
  • osteoporosis.

Very carefully people who have stones in kidneys or a gall bladder should treat it. In this case they should get advice of the attending physician for a start. At its use even the healthy woman can have a feeling of nausea and begin to be turned the head.

Whether you know? In a peel of beet there is a high concentration of useful substances therefore when cooking juice from it the peel needs to be cut off a thin layer. And it is considered, the this vegetable is more saturated painted, the it is more in it than useful substances which it can preserve at long storage.

Therefore it is recommended to begin to drink from small doses, and to accept most optimum in mix with other juice. Also advise to drink through a tubule not to damage enamel of teeth.

How to drink

It is very important to use correctly this juice, it cannot be drunk right after an extraction at all. Drink is recommended to put in the fridge in open ware for about two hours.

Begin to drink it from a small amount (from a teaspoon) and in mix with other juice, usually with apple or carrot, but it is possible also with others. Drink it in 20 min. prior to food three times a week, in the first half of day.

Important! Svezheotzhaty beet juice surely should be settled to get rid of hazardous substances. It can be stored in the fridge two days and be added to mixes. Other juice is not recommended to be matured in the fridge.

If the clean product is used, then its daily dose should not be higher than 50 ml, duration of a course of reception is limited two weeks. In mixes it is possible to accept it three months.

At anemia

At low hemoglobin it is useful to accept beet juice together with chocolate. For this purpose it is necessary to drink 3 times a day to food 3 tablespoons of this drink, jamming it 20 g of chocolate with the high content of cocoa (black). Still recommend to do mix of juice of beet and honey in the ratio 1:1. Drink it on 1/4 glasses 3 times in a day. As an alternative of this treatment drink of beet juice together with carrot and cabbage can serve.

From a lock

In the presence of this problem with digestion beet juice is recommended to accept in mix with other juice, for example, with apple, carrot, cucumber, juice from citruses, greens.

At fight against locks at pregnancy it is also necessary to use: pineapple, melon, mango, almonds, lemon and radish.

It is possible to make cocktail from juice of carrots, a cucumber and beet in the ratio 10:3:3 and to drink since morning 250 ml to food. From a lock the following drink helps: juice from beet and a cranberry in the ratio 1:1. Drink before food 3 times in a day.

From worms

In the presence of parasites recommend to use pure juice of beet:

  • to drink on an empty stomach 50 ml for two weeks;
  • to accept 10 ml 3 times a day for an hour before meal for 25 days. In this recipe beet juice can be disturbed with others (apricot, carrot).

Whether pregnant women can use from cold

Cold often arises at cold, ORV, flu. It causes discomfort, complicates respiratory process. Of course, it is possible to get in drugstore many cold medicines in the form of drops, sprays of chemical origin.

But there are harmless and inexpensive recipes of traditional medicine from rhinitis. So, good means is beet juice. It excellent antiseptics, preventing inflammatory processes.

Learn whether pregnant women can drink cowberry and cranberry drink.

With its help it is possible to cure:

  • sinusitis;
  • inflammation of tonsils;
  • the rhinitis caused by an allergy or cold, viruses.

Action of juice from beet against rhinitis takes place as follows:

  • it dilutes inflammatory releases of secretion that promotes clarification of nasal bosoms from a slime congestion;
  • removes puffiness;
  • expands vessels that facilitates outflow of snivels and breath.

For preparation of drops in a nose it is necessary to grate small beet, to wring out it through a gauze and to dissolve the received juice with water in a proportion 1 to 1.

At sharp rhinitis recommend to add to such solution of 250 ml 1 teaspoon of honey (in the absence of an allergy to honey). At treatment of the cold caused by inflammation of adenoides recommend to take boiled beet, to rub on a grater or to overwork by means of the juice extractor.

Whether you know? The biggest beet reached weight in 23.4 kg, and it was grown up in England in Somerset in 2001.

The received liquid should be diluted with water in a proportion 1:1. With such solution 4 times a day recommend to wash a nose. Before it recommend to wash nasal bosoms with water with addition of a small amount of salt.

Pregnant women can apply juice of this root crop also in the form of nasal tampons. That to keep such drops from beet longer, solution is warmed up within 2–3 minutes at +85 °C, later rolled up in the sterilized banks. It is possible to store them within a year.

Than carrot-beet juice at pregnancy is useful

Beet juice is often used together with carrot. These two vegetables well complement each other with the useful qualities. Recommend to drink juice from beet and carrot in a proportion 1 to 2.

Such drink has the following useful properties:

  • raises hemoglobin in blood;
  • eliminates shortage in an organism of many minerals and vitamins;
  • contains beta carotene which increases sight, strengthens bones, nails and hair, improves digestion process;
  • lowers pressure;
  • improves work of a liver, promotes removal from an organism of slags and toxins;
  • such drink drunk on an empty stomach increases appetite;
  • excellent means from parasites;
  • possesses anticarcinogenic influence.

For certain will interestingly read you about whether pregnant women can drink carrot juice.

Such juice can be prepared independently. For its preparation take 3 carrots, 1 beet, 50 ml of boiled water. Beet is squeezed out in two hours prior to reception or since evening of previous day, and carrots just before the use. It is necessary to drink such drink since morning in 30 minutes prior to a breakfast or in 2 hours after it. It is the best of all not to hurry and drink it small drinks that vitamins and other useful substances were better acquired.

Recommend carrot-beet juice to drink no more than 3 months. Later stop reception for 2 months. Juice from beet is hypoallergenic and contains the useful substances necessary for future mother and her kid.

It is very important to accept it correctly as freshly squeezed juice contains hazardous substances, and it is necessary to wait that they collapsed. It is the best of all to prepare this juice in good time before reception and to drink in a combination with others, most often with carrot.

It can help at some problems with health (anemia, locks, worms). It is possible to make drops in a nose at cold of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team