Beet juice: than it is useful from what helps how to prepare and drink

Beet juice: than it is useful from what helps how to prepare and drink

Beet — one of vegetables which is often used for preparation of various dishes. Besides, the root crop contains the mass of useful substances which the human body needs. In our article we will tell about advantage of beet drink and ways of its use at various diseases.

Vitamins and minerals

Vegetable is famous for the huge content of vitamins and useful minerals. In it there is a lot of iron, zinc and iodine. Beet is vitamin-rich E, RR and groups B. That vegetable can be stored long enough its use, especially in the winter and in the spring, will provide your organism with all necessary vitamins.

Important! Heat treatment raises a glycemic indicator twice therefore patients with diabetes have to consult surely with the doctor concerning consumption of vegetable in a boiled look.

Also it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluorine, sulfur, phosphorus and manganese.

Advantage for an organism

Beet drink, at its moderate use, allows to prevent many diseases, to get rid of various illnesses and to considerably improve health.

Juice has such useful medicinal properties:

  • promotes blood clarification, increase in level of hemoglobin;
  • fills the shortage of vitamins in the winter and in the spring;
  • it is used for treatment of external abscesses and ulcers on integuments;
  • helps to fight against breakdown and fatigue;
  • promotes clarification of an organism from cholesterol;
  • has insignificant laxative effect;
  • promotes digestion improvement;
  • it is necessary for strengthening of capillary walls, helps to improve work of heart;
  • promotes acceleration of exchange and recovery processes in an organism;
  • brings toxic substances out of an organism;
  • lowers HELL;
  • cleans a liver and contributes to normalization of its functioning;
  • allows to increase working capacity, promotes increase in brain activity;
  • has positive impact on nervous system, protects an organism from stresses;
  • promotes strengthening of immunity;
  • successfully fights against microbes in a mouth.

Juice from vegetables and fruit is of great value for an organism. Learn, than are useful and how to make cabbage, tomato, lemon, garnet, birch, pear juice.

Beet drink during pregnancy is especially useful. It eliminates locks, allows not to gain excess weight, is often applied to prevention of anemia.

Recipe of beet juice

For receiving the concentrated beet drink it is necessary to use the juice extractor. If you have no such equipment, it is necessary to rub a root crop on a small grater and to wring out it by means of a gauze.

Whether you know? The heaviest beet in the world was grown up in 2001 in Somerset. Its weight was 23, 4 kg.

Then it is necessary to put drink in the fridge — there he will spend 3-4 hours. This time is quite enough that juice left harmful air and the deposit which is poured out surely dropped out.

Because of the strong saturation and concentration the made drink is not taken in pure form. It can be diluted with other juice: will approach orange, cranberry, carrot, cucumber.

In such look nectar will gain a bigger quantity of useful minerals and its assimilation will easier take place. Beet drink can be stored in the fridge, but it is no more than 2 days after preparation.

The amount of vitamins B juice depends even on what juice extractor you choose. We advise to learn in what a difference between shnekovy and centrifugal juice extractors.

How to drink and apply juice

Depending on that what treatment of an illness is planned to be carried out by means of beet juice, it should be taken into account some recommendations about its application.

At an anemia

To use beet juice especially important at anemia as it promotes improvement of work of marrow therefore erythrocytes are developed and their membranes become stronger. It is recommended to mix it with apple juice, using a proportion 1 to 2. It is necessary to use ½ glasses a day for a month, at the same time it is better to divide the specified volume into 2-3 receptions.

At a hypertension

If you suffer from frequent manifestations of a hypertension, it is recommended to use the beet juice mixed with carrot. For this purpose use a proportion 1 to 1. Accept 0.5 glasses of drink twice a day before consumption of food, having added to it 1 tablespoon of honey. The therapeutic course makes 2-4 weeks.

The people having a hypertension need to reduce a dose of the use of salt or even at all to refuse it.

At liver diseases

Carrot or cucumber juice will be ideal for mixing. The received drink is taken by 2-3 times a day on a half-glass before consumption of food. Also it is possible to add 1 tsp of lemon juice to it. Thanks to consumption of this drink for 2-4 weeks, you will be able to clean a liver that will significantly affect its functioning.

At cold and antritis

For fight against cold it is recommended to dig in juice in a nose. However before the procedure it needs to be insisted within 2 hours and to part with boiled water in the ratio 1 to 2. In each nostril it is necessary to dig 2-3 drops. Begin the procedure with one and look at the reaction if you do not feel unpleasant effects, it is possible to increase a dose. Beet juice perfectly copes with microbes, promotes fluidifying of slime and its removal, removal of hypostasis of mucous.

Important! White impregnations on a cut of a root crop say that it was grown up with use of a large amount of fertilizers. Quality vegetable has to have a uniform color.

At antritis juice from beet will help to remove slime and pus from bosoms. It is necessary to dig in 3-4 droplets in a bosom. Before the procedure juice gets divorced from water 1 to 1.

At locks

If you suffer from locks, it is recommended to drink on 50 ml of the beet juice diluted with water, 2-3 times a day. Drink will render laxative effect and will help to clean intestines.

At frustration of a monthly cycle

If you have frustration of a monthly cycle, it is recommended to mix beet juice with carrot or garnet and to drink 100 ml 3 times a day. The standard daily rate should not exceed 500 ml.

What can be added for a bigger advantage

It is just impossible to take beet drink fresh because of specific taste. To improve taste and also to enrich an organism still with a large amount of useful substances, it is mixed with carrot, apple, cucumber, cranberry, orange and other juice. Having mixed burgundy drink with carrots and radish in identical proportions, you will be able to strengthen an organism and will feel inflow of forces and cheerfulness, will get rid of fatigue and a stress. If to mix beet juice with honey, such drink will strengthen vessels and will save you from a stroke.

What can be harm

As well as any product, beet has the contraindications which surely should be considered before consumption of vegetable. Carry to them:

  • the lowered arterial blood pressure;
  • the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • urolithic diseases;
  • osteoporosis (beet worsens digestion of calcium);
  • diabetes;
  • chronic diarrhea.

In spite of the fact that this vegetable is very useful even if you have no contraindications to its use, you should not exceed the recommended daily dose — 200-300 g.

Whether you know? Mentions of a root crop are available in the Assyrian texts in which it is told about how grew up vegetable in the Hanging gardens of Semiramis which are one of Seven wonders of the world.

Having studied our article, you learned that the huge amount of vitamins and useful substances can contain in the simplest products. Moderate consumption of beet and its juice will always allow you to be healthy and vigorous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team