Black haricot: than it is useful how to apply from diabetes

Black haricot: than it is useful how to apply from diabetes

Black bean not especially be held in high esteem at the Slavic people. More they are used by Latin Americans and Chinese. However the marvelous combination of gentle and at the same time dense structure of these small fruits to a silky-black peel, their friability and sweetish taste to notes of smoked products captivated gourmets of the whole world. Moreover, haricot possesses a wide range of medicinal properties. What advantage from it, ways of treatment, a contraindication and harm — we will tell about all this further in article.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Black haricot is characterized by a set of differences from cultures, habitual for us. First of all, the product has the low caloric content and high nutritional value that is defined by its components. By comparison of red, white and black beans the advantageous qualities of the last are obvious. Let's consider them in more detail in the table of a ratio I WATCH.

Comparative characteristic of a ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for types of haricot (in grams on a hundred-gram portion)

















Food fibers








Caloric content

95 kcal

84 kcal

78 kcal

Besides, the essential advantage of black fruits is the rich composition of irreplaceable fatty nonsaturated and polyunsaturated acids, amino acids, vitamins, mineral substances.

In a complex they are capable to provide a human body with all necessary substances for full functioning of cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems. The analysis of the chemical composition of ripe fruits demonstrates to it.

Whether you know? The first mentions of haricot which were published in the Chinese chronicles are dated 3000th year B.C. And Europeans opened for themselves these useful fruits only in the 16th century when the famous Spanish seafarer Christopher Columbus brought to the native land from America bright oblong grains. However transatlantic culture initially interested local flower growers, and culinary qualities of culture were open only in the 18th century.

Vitamins (on 100 g):

  • tocopherol (E) — 0.9 mg (6% of standard daily rate);
  • fillokhinon (J) — 3.3 mkg (2.8%);
  • thiamine (B1) — 0.2 mg (20.3%);
  • Riboflavinum (B2) — 0.1 mg (4.5%);
  • nicotinic acid (B3) — 0.5 mg (3.2%);
  • it is well-cared (B4) — 32.6 mg (6.5%);
  • pantothenic acid (B5) — 0.2 mg (4.8%);
  • pyridoxine (B6) — 0.1 mg (5.3%);
  • folic acid (B9) — 149.0 mkg (37.5%).

Mineral substances:

  • iron — 2.1 mg (21.0% of standard daily rate);
  • calcium — 27.0 mg (2.7%);
  • potassium — 355.0 mg (7.6%);
  • magnesium — 70.0 mg (17.5%);
  • manganese — 0.4 mg (19.3%);
  • copper — 0.2 mg (23.2%);
  • sodium — 1.0 mg (0.1%);
  • selenium — 1.2 mkg (2.2%);
  • phosphorus — 140.0 mg (20.0%);
  • zinc — 1.1 mg (10.2%).

Whether you know? The Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra used bean whitewash for the person. Prepared them from the dry grains of white grades and a small amount of warm water crushed in powder. Mix was put a thin layer on a face so that to fill all wrinkles. The procedure gave to the beauty smoothness, whiteness of skin and effect of youth. However the long result did not manage to achieve as the mask dried soon and cracked.

Than black haricot is useful

Investigating nutrition value and features of black haricot, scientists came to a conclusion that they deal with the most valuable vegetable product from all bean cultures. Thanks to rich and various structure, fruits have a set of qualities, useful to health:

  • promote improvement of lipidic exchange;
  • clean vessels from heavy metals and slags;
  • bring cholesterol out of an organism;
  • stimulate work of a brain;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • normalize work of bodies of digestive tract;
  • block development of carcinogens (therefore black haricot is considered the most effective for prevention of cancer diseases);
  • normalization of level of sugar assist in blood;
  • at long consumption provide the healthy skin shining health, brilliant and hair, strong nails are silky;
  • have the antibacterial and diluting effect;
  • have diuretic effect (because of what are recommended at an urolithic disease);
  • positively influence nervous system;
  • improve sight;
  • help to get rid of excess weight;
  • are the best medical and prophylactic at fight against anemia, bronchitis, pneumonia, atherosclerosis.

Whether you know? In Bulgaria annually last Sunday of November celebrate Day of haricot. Enter a shot from the bean gun and a treat a ceremony, prepared from various grades of a plant.

Use in cookery

The unusual pleasant taste of black haricot harmoniously supplements the list of her merits. Today culinary specialists of many countries improvise various silky grains dishes, trying to create something new or to repeat traditions of the Latin American cuisine.

Whether it is necessary to presoak previously

The product is perfectly combined with spicy spices and also with garlic, an oregano and onions. It without fears can be combined with other vegetables, but before that it is necessary to boil.

That process of cooking took less time, and beans turned out more juicy and well held a form after heat treatment, it is necessary to wet them previously at several o'clock in cold water. Besides, soaking will facilitate selection of qualitative beans.

Important! At exacerbations of chronic diseases of a digestive tract it is better to exclude haricot of any kind from a diet completely.

What is prepared in the different countries of the world

Probably, each people will have a unique dish which main ingredient is black haricot. Its traditionally many people, as well as other types of bean fruits, add in:

  • soups, borsches;
  • ragout;
  • salads;
  • pastes;
  • stuffings for pastries and pancakes;
  • fast cutlets;
  • desserts;
  • rich products;
  • meat dishes;
  • sauces (are very well combined with seafood dishes, fish and meat).

However, despite of the global recognition of this culture and imitation traditions of South American cuisine, still any cook did not manage to outdo a house specialty of Brazilians — a feydzhoad. He is more than 300 years old.

Also bean grains are widely used by many people during a post. They are adored by believers and vegetarians. The viands made from bean sprouts are considered as especially valuable. Most often it is curative multicomponent salads.

Qualitative sources of vegetable protein are: seeds of a chia, kino, peas, soy, linen flour, bread, lentil, porridge, chick-pea.

How to apply from diabetes

Medicinal properties of black haricot at diabetes are well-known. According to experts, black beans on the influence are equated to insulin.

Due to the strongest immunomodulatory effect, the contained minerals and vitamins they feed an organism with necessary substances, at the same time protecting it from viral and bacteriological infections.

It is important that fruits regularly got to the diabetic's organism, in that case there is his clarification and stimulation of work of a pancreas, and there are no restrictions in number of the consumed grains. Besides the official medicine recognizes treatment of diabetes not only the peeled haricot, and and its shutters. Bean grains have to undergo the corresponding heat treatment. The moderate friability testifies to their readiness.

It is inadmissible to use crude beans. It is fraught with serious failures in work of a digestive tract.

In the therapeutic purposes it is enough to add the peeled vegetable to daily dishes. They can be extinguished, cooked, fried and baked. Not less than 3 times a day are desirable to consume this ingredient.

And from bean shutters prepare infusion. For this purpose trouble in a thermos of 1 l of abrupt boiled water, 5 tablespoons of the crushed raw materials, close a cover and leave for the night for insisting. Proprietary medicine is taken on 200 ml on an empty stomach once a day. Treatment course has to last 4 weeks.

Important! It is characteristic that such way of therapy does not demand additional consultations from experts. However, if the patient during this period takes the medicine directed to decrease in level of sugar in blood, then addition in a diet of haricot can worsen state of his health only.

There are several bean recipes recommended for treatment of diabetes: Puree. For its preparation it is necessary to mix in a blender bowl:

  • one and a half glasses of boiled black beans;
  • 1 small crushed garlic teeth;
  • 2 tablespoons of the cut onions;
  • half of a teaspoon of pepper mix (paprika, Chile and ground nutmeg);
  • 1 teaspoon of a ground kumin;
  • juice from a half of a lemon;
  • 2–3 tablespoons of the cooled-down boiled water.

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The prepared mix can also be used for greasing of small loafs. Soup cream from beans. To receive a curative dish, extinguish small cut 1 small napiform bulb and 2 zubk of garlic in a frying pan.

When these ingredients reach transparency, shift them in a pan with vegetable broth, add to them 300 g previously wetted haricots and the washed cauliflower inflorescences.

Sick diabetes it is necessary to pay attention to properties of a tea mushroom, maple syrup, the sukrazit, fructose, baked apples, a cumquat, a capelin, a dogrose, the shungit, sunflower sunflower seeds.

In 2–3 minutes after boiling break a little vegetable oil, crude egg and fennel there, salt, pepper. Grind a ready dish by means of the blender to homogeneous mass. Bean salad. The dish by mixing is cooked:

  • 200–300 g of boiled beans;
  • 250 g of crude polished carrots;
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
  • 0.5 teaspoons of grape vinegar;
  • the table salt added to taste;
  • fresh leaves of a basil.

Important! Black haricot is one of the few types which are not vulnerable to the attacks of zernovka. Surprisingly, but the widespread wrecker just does not do a laying on black pods. However upon purchase it is necessary to give preference to goods in transparent packing. Thus you will be able to be convinced that you buy not split halves of old grains, and quality whole haricot. At long storage the tastes of beans worsen.

Contraindications and harm

Certainly, the advantage of black haricot cannot be overestimated. However, it is shown not everyone. Owing to the fact that bean are a product, heavy for digestion, physicians strongly recommend to refrain from their use to such categories of people:

  • to people of advanced age (the ban is connected with plentiful amount of purines as a part of fruits);
  • to patients for whom ulcers of bodies of a digestive tract and also gastritis, the increased acidity of a stomach, gout, cholecystitis, nephrite, a meteorizm are diagnosed;
  • to allergic persons (the contraindication is relevant only for people with individual intolerance of a product);
  • to pregnant women;
  • to children up to one and a half years.

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Let's note that from all types of bean cultures the black version is the most nourishing. It means that the negligent relation to preparation of dishes with participation of bean ingredients can do much harm to eaters. Experts draw the attention of cooks to cardiac glycoside, inherent as a part of fruits and shutters. Its quantity does not exceed indicators at other types of bean cultures. However the dense structure of fruits demands longer cooking for destruction of this hazardous substance.

Besides in crude haricot it is found poisonous fazin therefore irrespective of a way of further processing of this ingredient previously well boil thoroughly it.

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As you can see, the advantage and harm of black haricot are equal. Its competent application, undoubtedly, will do good to any person who has no contraindications to the use of bean. And here can lead eating of crude or half-baked grains to serious poisonings and diseases of bodies of digestive tract therefore do not neglect nature gifts, but use them intelligently.

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