Blood and Sand cocktail

Blood and Sand cocktail

Blood and Sand appeared then when the movie by Rudolf Valentino "Blood and sand" appeared (1922), thanks to the color he also received such name. During a season instead of usual orange it is possible to use red, then the similarity to blood will be even more noticeable.

It is required to you

  • For one portion:
  • - Scotch blended whisky - 30 ml;
  • - brandy - 20 ml;
  • - white Vermouth - 20 ml;
  • - sherry brandy - 20 ml;
  • - whisky single malt - 1 h a spoon;
  • - half of orange;
  • - orange dried peel.


1. Pour in all components of cocktail in a shaker.

2. Add the orange juice which is wrung out from a half of a fruit. Add ice.

3. Properly shake up ingredients, pour in the cooled glass.

4. Squeeze out an orange dried peel over the turned-out cocktail, decorate with it drink. Everything, you can taste "Blood and sand".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team