Boiled onions: advantage and harm

Boiled onions: advantage and harm

Since the childhood very few people like to eat boiled onions though this dish is very useful thanks to the structure and low caloric content. Which boiled vegetable, advantage and harm we will describe in article if it is correct to make it, can impact to food unique relish. But its advantage not only in it: he is a healer of some diseases.

At heat treatment of onions the loss of useful properties is practically absent: the boiled product has the same advantage, as crude.



45 kcal







food fibers







beta carotene

0.001 mg

lutein + zeaxanthin

4.5 mkg

thiamine (B1)

0.043 mg

Riboflavinum (B2)

0.024 mg

it is well-cared (B4)

6.7 mg

pantothenic acid (B5)

0.114 mg

pyridoxine (B6)

0.128 mg

folates (B9)

15 mkg

ascorbic acid (C)

5.3 mg

alpha tocopherol (E)

0.03 mg

fillokhinon (J)

0.4 mg

nicotinic acid (RR)

0.164 mg



165 mg


23 mg


12 mg


3 mg


34 mg



0.25 mg


0.154 mg


68 mkg


0.7 mkg


0.22 mg



4.74 g


2.18 g


1.0 g


1.43 g

Further we will consider in more detail whether boiled onions and also what the described product can be harmful are useful.

Important! For preservation of the most part of curative and nutritious nutrients onions need to be subjected to heat treatment no more than 3-5 minutes.

  • thanks to a vitamin complex, exchange processes return to normal;
  • natural enzymes positively influence endocrine, digestive and nervous systems;
  • is suitable for the use to children as a source of vitamins;
  • patients with problems of kidneys, a liver and a GIT can moderately use it;
  • removes inflammations and spasms;
  • with its help delete warts and callosities and also treat furunkulyoz;
  • strengthens exchange processes;
  • strengthens immunity and helps to struggle with viruses thanks to availability of vitamin C;
  • by means of a flavonoid of quercetin the splitting of fats and delay of growth an onkokletok is possible;
  • has diuretic action;
  • it is applied in treatment of joints and changes;
  • dilutes secretion and facilitates an expectoration;
  • regulating lipidic exchange, lowers cholesterol in blood;
  • has digestible carbohydrates and inulin which normalize amount of sugar in an organism;
  • the water and alkaline balance is maintained thanks to rich mineral structure;
  • phytoncides, chlorophyll and flavonida destroy fungal diseases, viral infections and pathogenic bacteria;
  • helps with fight against atherosclerosis, avitaminosis, a hypertension, respiratory diseases.

Thus, useful properties of boiled onions are invaluable to a human body.

Whether you know? According to the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, onion was mentioned in inscriptions on one of the Egyptian pyramids where the list of products with which fed slaves during its construction was specified.

Though the product has many positive properties, its influence on an organism is ambiguous.

  • at the excessive use, boiled vegetable can cause discomfort in a stomach, meteorizm, diarrhea and an abdominal distension;
  • allergic reaction is possible;
  • developing of a headache;
  • individual intolerance of a product.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the described vegetable carefully and in moderate quantities.

Let's consider whether consumption of boiled onions at various diseases is admissible and also when breastfeeding.

  • does not irritate mucous a stomach;
  • the product is well acquired and does not cause exacerbation of pancreatitis;
  • regulates work of a pancreas;
  • removes hazardous substances and saturates an organism with useful nutrients;
  • deletes inflammatory and stagnant processes;
  • normalizes acid-base and water balance.

To facilitate a state at pancreatitis, is on one boiled or baked head a day within a month before a breakfast enough.

Not aggravated gastritis form — one more disease at which the medical diet with application of the onions subject to incontinuous heat treatment is recommended. This diet is based on first courses, snack and salads where boiled vegetable is added.

At gastritis squids, chicken broth, kissel allow to eat.

  • at exacerbation of a disease;
  • gastritis is complicated by extensive erosion;
  • atrophic stage of gastritis.
  • the soft structure of vegetable does not cause excessive release of gastric juice;
  • the boiled product does not irritate mucous a stomach.

The attending physician will also recommend to the patient with an ulcer to use broth on the basis of a bulb as it is sated with nutritious components and vitamins.

Important! At an ulcer disease of a stomach the introduction to a diet even of approved food needs to be discussed with the attending physician: this pathology can often proceed in parallel with other diseases of digestive system.

The boiled onions are the excellent means promoting prevention of diabetes and entering its complex treatment.

  • iodine will help with production of hormones and normalizes exchange processes;
  • presence of a glikonin reduces sugar in an organism;
  • vitamin and mineral set increases immunity and functions of protection of an organism.

Endocrinologists advise diabetics to eat both the boiled, and baked bulbs and is in their small portions just before each meal.

During breastfeeding the feeding mother needs to resupply constantly vitamins and mineral substances as her organism is strongly restored after the delivery. Therefore boiled onions will render her good service in it.

  • boiled vegetable has no pronounced smack therefore will not affect taste of milk;
  • the allergy to this product is practically absent;
  • the growing organism of the baby will be regularly replenished with vitamin stocks.

It is important! To exclude allergic reaction of the kid to boiled onions, before introduction it in the menu of the feeding woman it is not recommended to use other new products.

Optimum time for introduction of boiled onions to a diet of the feeding mother — the second or third week after the delivery.

Let's consider how the boiled bulb for treatment of some diseases is used.

At the cough which arose against the background of cold or the virus which got to an organism at the very beginning of development of a disease the doctor can recommend boiled onions to prevent transition of a disease to complications — bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Learn how for cough to apply a cranberry with honey, milk with soda, buckwheat honey, berry cloudberries, cocoa butter, goat fat.

  • diluting and bringing a viscous phlegm out of airways;
  • reducing intensity of cough;
  • increasing organism resilience.

During treatment of damp cough, onions broth with honey is used.

  • 1 large bulb;
  • 100 g of granulated sugar;
  • 2 tablespoons of honey;
  • 150 ml of the boiling water.
  1. To grate onions or to podrobit in the blender.
  2. To lay out onions gruel in a saucepan, to add water and sugar, to mix.
  3. To put weight on fire, to boil and weary on small fire within three hours stirring slowly.
  4. To cool means, to filter, mix with honey.
  5. Means is accepted warm, after a meal, to six times a day.

It is necessary to be treated by onions syrup no more than a week. The described medicine will be ideal for the people having disgust for boiled vegetable: honey and sugar connection completely eliminates a smell and bitterness of onions, doing a medicine nice to the taste.

It is possible to use one more recipe for effective medicine on the basis of a boiled bulb which is used at dry cough.

  • 1 large bulb;
  • 2 glasses of milk (400 ml);
  • 2 tablespoons of honey.
  1. To cut the cleaned lukovichka in half.
  2. To pour out milk in a saucepan and to put there the cut onions.
  3. To boil thoroughly on moderate fire, constantly stirring slowly until onions become soft and transparent.
  4. Broth to cool and mix with honey.
  5. To accept broth warm, after meal, on 1 tablespoon of 6 times a day.
  6. For elimination of dry cough the dairy and onions means is used within 10 days.

Whether you know? According to the UN the Libyans are world champions in consumption of onions: each citizen of Libya in a year eats up to 33 kg of vegetable, adding it even to desserts.

Traumatologists recommend to use onions broth for treatment of changes since it helps fast merging of bones. This means can also be used in the preventive purposes if the person has weak cartilages, sheaves or bones. We provide two recipes of medicine on the basis of a boiled bulb.

  • 2 average bulbous turnips;
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • 1 l of boiled water.
  1. To podrobit turnips in the blender.
  2. To fry weight on vegetable oil.
  3. To shift in the enameled saucepan and to fill in with the boiling water.
  4. To weary on moderate fire of 10 minutes.
  5. To drink on an empty stomach 200 ml a day without filtering.
  • 1–2 average bulbs;
  • meat or fish cartilages, chicken pads (at will);
  • 3 l of water.
  1. To put the prepared cartilages and bones in a pan.
  2. To fill in with cold water.
  3. To bring to boiling and to remove a scum.
  4. To add the cleaned whole bulbs.
  5. To cook on weak fire not less than 4-5 hours.
  6. To get Razvarenny bulbs from a pan, to crush and mix with broth and cartilages.
  7. The ready dish can be used hot or to pour on plates that it stiffened. There is this food 1–2 times a week are possible.

Summing up the results of told, it is possible to claim with confidence that boiled onions have to be in a diet of people with problems of the musculoskeletal device, with gastrointestinal diseases, at suffering from cough and avitaminosis.

Whether you know? The bulb contains bigger amount of natural sugars, than apple or pear.

During breastfeeding boiled vegetable will help young mother to be restored after the delivery, and her kid at the same time will receive all necessary nutrients with milk. Only it is important to remember that in all cases the consultation of the treating expert is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team