"Brown rice: than it is useful as well as how many to cook

"Brown rice: than it is useful as well as how many to cook

Rice — the cereal which is the most found and most applied in food. Scientists consider that it is used already by more than ten thousand years and therefore the assumption that at early stages until the mankind mastered clarification and steaming of rice grains, brown rice was the main food is quite admissible. Its family tree begins in India, there it was used in the beginning as a low-grade product, but when it was tried by the Indian nobility — brown rice gained world fame.

What brown rice differs from usual in

Brown (it is called still "brown" or "cargo") and rice white, in fact, the same. Differences only in processing stages. Remove only a yellow top peel from brown rice, and other, otrubny cover, on a kernel remains. Thanks to this cover at brown rice a light smell and smack of nut. Color scale of the extended grains of a cargo fluctuates from white chocolate, light coffee till the color.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Caloric content of rice is quite high: from 285 to 345 kcal on 100 g though at a boiled product the caloric content falls up to 110-120 kcal.

On the chemical composition in 100 g of a cargo contains:

  • B1 vitamin (thiamine) — 0.07 mg — 6% of standard daily rate of the adult;
  • B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum) — 0.01 mg — 1% of norm for day;
  • B3 vitamin (niatsin) — 1.62 mg — 11% of norm;
  • B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid) — 1.01 mg — 20% of norm;
  • B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) – 0.16 mg — 13% of standard daily rate.

On composition of minerals in 100 g contains:

  • calcium — 28 mg — 3% of day norm;
  • gland — 0.8 mg — 6% of norm;
  • magnesium — 25 mg — 7% of norm;
  • manganese — 1.09 mg — 52% of norm;
  • phosphorus — 115 mg — 16% of norm;
  • zinc — 1.09 mg — 11% of norm;
  • potassium — 115 mg — 2% of standard daily rate of the healthy person.

Whether you know? It is necessary to store brown rice far away from odorous products and spices — grains absorb smells. The best place of storage — the fridge because room temperature leads to oxidation of useful substances in a cover of grains.

Cargo period of storage — from six to eight months.

Advantage for a human body

The usefulness of this product is still finally not studied. All new and its new curative properties open. Therefore we will stop only on some:

  • Nutritiousness and sytnost. One portion is quite enough to forget about feeling of hunger and to be loaded with energy. The carbohydrates which are a part of brown rice do not collect, and are entirely burned.
  • Protein in its structure is necessary for a kletkoobrazovaniye and their correct work. Especially protein is valuable to muscle tissues.
  • Useful substances from vitamin group B positively influence continuous functioning of nervous system.

Read also what vitamins are useful to women, men and children; for patients with diabetes; are necessary for cheerfulness and energy, memory and work of a brain; for appearance nails and health of nervous system, joints and ligaments, liver, heart and vessels.

  • Cellulose normalizes reduction of walls of tubular bodies of intestines, thereby promoting advance of its contents to an exit and also cleans a digestive tract from slags.
  • Favorably influences effectiveness of a brain: strengthens memory, intensifies thought processes and strengthens concoction of attention.
  • Magnesium protects from destructive consequences of stressful shocks.
  • Potassium sates a myocardium, significantly lowering danger of developing of a myocardial infarction.
  • Systematic and correct food brown rice can reduce cholesterol level in blood and also save from atherosclerosis.
  • The correct and moderate inclusion in food of a cargo promotes control of level of sugar, and it is necessary for prevention and treatment of diabetes.
  • Has ability to lower pressure and to prevent progressing of a hypertension.
  • The use of such product normalizes functioning of kidneys, removes excess liquid and saves from hypostases.

Besides, brown rice does skin better, more elastic, its color becomes healthier; promotes strengthening of hair and nails; positively influences joints, especially at aged people; it is recommended to people with the lowered glucose content in blood; promotes increase in amount of milk during a lactation.

Important! Than rice is more dark, it is more useful to those.

Generalizing, it should be noted that it is necessary to use a cargo not more often than two-three times within a week. Then its usefulness will be maximum.

How to prepare and to cook how many brown rice

Several general recommendations about cooking of brown rice:

  • In the beginning it is necessary to kill him in cold water for 9-10 hours.
  • During cooking it is necessary to fill up grains in ice cold water.
  • To boil about 10 minutes, then to propolosnut cold water.
  • Then to scurry about to fill in with cold water and to boil 15 minutes.
  • After readiness to remove the container with rice from fire and to wrap up with something warm (blanket, a plaid, etc.).

Pay attention that at weight loss, rice is not included in a diet during a diet from Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus

From it extremely tasty puddings, baked puddings, porridges and pilaf turn out. Dishes from a cargo are irreplaceable at fasting days. Big saturation of grains "kills" with carbohydrates and minerals thirst for sweet, salt and different spices.

As an example, it is possible to give an interesting hot dish from rice and fish.

Wet one and a half glasses of brown rice for the night. Wash out through a colander in the morning (important: water has to flow down completely). On vegetable oil fry it until grains get more dark shade. Separately from everything fry one bulb of the average sizes to a transparent state and add half a kilo of the fillet of a perch cut by strips to it. It is necessary to fry to semi-readiness, and then to place there chili pepper (to taste) and ready rice.

The cargo is perfectly combined with sea products, fish, meat, mushrooms and vegetables

Stir everything and add water (it is possible fish broth) so that liquid on 2 cm closed contents. After readiness powder with a dried peel of one lemon and set aside to infuse about 20 minutes.

Also we recommend to make rice kvass for cleaning of an organism. It is required to you:

  • 1 l of melt water;
  • 8 highlights;
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar;
  • 4 tablespoons of brown rice.

In suitable capacity it is necessary to pour melt water (if there is no melt water — also filtered will approach), to place there raisin, sugar and rice, in the doses stated above. To close capacity a gauze and to insist on the sun three days. When it is ready — it is necessary to separate a portion per day of 500 ml. Divide this portion into four receptions and use after meal. If the organism does not give signs of a protest — it is possible to use such kvass more often, but the dose then should be reduced.

Tibetan way of cleaning of intestines: is suitable both for the general prevention, and for weight reduction.

Also, rice is one of ingredients for preparation of a kumin and pilaf

Every day on a hungry stomach it is necessary to swallow of crude grains. The amount of grains equals to number of years of the person. It is impossible to wash down grains with something. Meal is possible not earlier than in three hours after reception of a cargo. After seven o'clock in the evening, only rather weak tea and water are allowed.

Reception course — ten days, with repetition in one and a half months.

Important! Do not put too much salt in a dish, add at least salt.

Who cannot eat it and whether there can be a harm

By cargo it is not recommended for the use to the people inclined to obesity suffering from locks and colitis with the speeded-up urination.

However it can do much harm also to quite healthy people. Its excessive use can lead to atherosclerosis, hypertensive and urolithic diseases, cardiovascular illnesses. It is harmful and at violation of the rules of storage and the wrong processing. A cargo, the over a month which is in open packing and also being under direct sunshine to the use it is unsuitable.

Whether you know? Rice water can be used as styling spray, shampoo and conditioner.

Brown rice is highly appreciated by fans to eat well for its unique taste and great nutrition value. It is important both in medicine, and in dietology. But it is possible to estimate all its advantages only having got acquainted with this surprising, but available product, personally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team