Cabbage vinegar, tomatoes and pepper salad

Cabbage vinegar, tomatoes and pepper salad

Vegetable salads are popular dietary dishes which can be prepared all the year round, combining various components. Cabbage, tomatoes, pepper salads are a source of vitamins and substances, useful to an organism. Filling with vinegar will impact to salads a delicate, mild relish and pronounced aroma.

Cabbage, pepper and tomatoes Autumn salad

This salad turns out vitamin, tasty and saturated. It can be rolled up in banks for the winter, to close kapron covers and to store in the fridge and also at once a tax to a table. The will longer stay such salad, the it will become more tasty.

For preparation the following ingredients will be necessary for you (for 2-liter cans):

- 1 kg is fresher than cabbage; - 500 g of tomatoes; - 500 g of carrots; - 500 g of sweet paprika; - 500 g of onions; - ½ cups of sugar; - 5 tsps of vinegar; - 1 cups of vegetable oil; - salt, a sprinkling pepper (to taste).

Wash cabbage and small chop. Wash out paprika, remove tails, a core and seeds, then cut with straws. Peel carrots and rub on a grater. Cut onions with rings or half rings. Wash tomatoes and cut small segments. Put all cut vegetables in one capacity, well mix and salt to taste, leave them to stand 10-15 minutes in order that vegetables it was salted and cabbage started up juice. Then add vinegar, vegetable oil, sugar, a sprinkling pepper to taste. Carefully mix and leave salad for the night under a press. Shift a ready-to-serve salad in the sterilized banks or banks a baking plate kapron covers in the morning. On a bottom of cans put ground black pepper, cinnamon or a carnation, stamp salad by means of a spoon. Then at once roll up banks, turn top a bottom and put in order on storage in the fridge. The taste of such salad will depend in many respects on what vinegar you used.

How to choose vinegar for gas station of a vegetable salad?

The following types of vinegar are suitable for gas station of vegetable salads: wine, apple, balsam, sherry, grassy and rice. Wine vinegar — the most popular for seasoning of salads from vegetables. Happens two types: white and red. White vinegar is used in salads from a fresh vegetables for giving of a mild, delicate flavor and aroma of fragrant herbs. As gas station of a green salad with use of spicy greens the red wine vinegar having bluff taste is ideal. White vinegar is mixed more often with sunflower oil, and red — with olive or nut. The apple cider vinegar capable to give to a dish a fruity odor is suitable for seasoning of salads from vegetables, grain and pasta. It is combined with olive and sunflower oil. From certain grades of grapes produce balsam vinegar which is considered the most expensive. Vinegar with endurance can be added less than 15 years only to fruit salads. Mix vinegar with endurance of 15-25 years with apple or white wine and fill vegetable salads. More than 25 years add balsam vinegar with endurance on several drops. The grass vinegar mixed with olive oil will emphasize taste of a fresh vegetables and will give them bright aroma. Seldom sherry vinegar which is combined with vegetable salads with addition of bitter greens (chicory) meets. Admirers of east kitchen can use rice vinegar which is much softer, than table or apple as gas station of vegetable salads.

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