Cashew nutlets

Cashew nutlets

Cashews are quite exotic and little-known nuts. At many they are associated with beer as tasty snack. Besides, it is possible to remember that cashews are used for decoration of confectionery. Whether there is in them some advantage where cashew nuts are still applied? Whether it is possible to cause what - that harm to an organism, eating them?

Long ago it is proved that all nuts are very useful products. And cashew - some of the most useful. They contain huge amount of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for normal operability of a brain, vessels, zheludochno - an intestinal path. Besides, cashews stimulate work of the immune system, reduce cholesterol level in blood. In dental practice they are used for strengthening of gums. Cashews are useful to men as they increase potency.

On cashew caloric content concede to walnuts a little therefore you shouldn't eat them in a large number since the liver can do much harm. Besides, on cashew nuts the allergic reaction is possible. Anyway, you shouldn't eat more than 20 гр. cashew in day. In bigger quantity they just won't be acquired by an organism.

It is better to buy whole nuts, so they are longer stored. It is necessary to store cashew in the fridge. At storage in the warm room, nuts begin to taste bitter. You shouldn't buy cashew nuts for children as the probability of allergic reaction to these nuts at children is high. Nutlets of cashew can be eaten crude, it is also possible to fry them. This product has many positive characteristics therefore you shouldn't lose sight of its practical application. Include cashew nuts in the diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team