Champignons and sorrel soup

Champignons and sorrel soup

Sorrel soup is very useful. Many love it for freshness and ease. It is so pleasant to feel taste of summer in light soup moreover and to receive a large amount of useful substances. Oxalic soup will turn out easier if to make it with mushrooms.

It is required to you

  • - 250 g of champignons;
  • - 2 potatoes;
  • - sorrel bunch;
  • - on a half of a bunch of fresh parsley and fennel;
  • - 2 tablespoons of sour cream;
  • - salt.


1. Take fresh champignons, carefully wash out them if it is required - clean. Cut with small slices.

2. Peel potato, wash out, cut with straws or cubes - as got used to cut potatoes for soups.

3. Wash out a bunch of a sorrel, cut. It is possible to cut a sorrel more largely. Too wash up parsley with fennel, crush.

4. Pour into a pan water liter, bring to the boil, put potato with mushrooms. You cook 15 minutes on moderate fire.

5. 15 minutes later add a sorrel to a pan, you cook to its softness. Soup has to become slightly sourish. If you love sourer soup, then a sorrel take two bunches.

6. with champignonsAnd a sorrel pour ready soup on plates, fill with sour cream. Plentifully strew with the crushed parsley and fennel. Give hot or slightly warm. Very often for appearance add a half of boiled egg to such soup.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team