Chanterelle mushrooms: medicinal properties and contraindications"

Chanterelle mushrooms: medicinal properties and contraindications"

Mushrooms and advantage of their use are known to mankind since the most ancient times. Mushrooms are a food product and medicine. Some of them are familiar since the childhood to each person. Among them, the most recognizable, owners of bright solar hats — chanterelles. In cookery there is a set of ways of their preparation. But the mushroom enjoys special popularity in traditional medicine. Than it is useful — we will consider further in this article.

In the nature there are about 30 types of chanterelles. The names received different types from appearance. The most known  — chanterelle ordinary, or real.

Whether you know? The Latin name of a mushroom — Cantharellus cibarius comes from the Greek word "cantharus" which designated a bowl or a bowl for drink, in the form reminding chanterelle.

  • gray;
  • cut;
  • cinnabaric-red;
  • turning yellow;
  • tubular;
  • velvety, etc.

Chanterelle ordinary is very attractive, has excellent taste and aroma. She can be met across the whole Europe in zones with a temperate climate.

The hat and leg of a mushroom represent a single whole. A hat form — convex, concave, direct, funneled. The mushroom is more senior, the more hat reminds a funnel with a smooth surface. Diameter of a hat — 2–12 cm. The edge can be smooth or wavy.

Range of color — from pale yellow to bright solar-orange. If the mushroom grows in the sun, then its color turns pale and becomes almost white.

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Fruit body dense and fleshy with sweet-sour taste. Height is 4–7 cm. Lower part of a hat fibrous. Its shade can change intensity from edge to a root. The mushroom smells of dried roots.

Mossy surface — the great place for growth of chanterelles. Was considered earlier that this condition is obligatory for growth. Actually, they can grow in lowlands and on heights, along edges of tracks, under trees. Mushrooms are widespread everywhere in territories with a temperate climate and meet in forests of any type. Their harvest ripens from June to October.

The mushroom, the more hazardous substances is more senior it can accumulate. It is especially relevant for the mushrooms picked in an urban or residential suburb. Therefore mushroom pickers advise to pick only small, young mushrooms.

Whether you know? In regions with soft winter of chanterelle it is possible to meet up to December. It is also interesting that they grow on all continents, except Antarctica.

Caloric content of crude mushrooms (chanterelles) of only 38 kcal / on 100 g. Low caloric content of mushrooms provides them the guaranteed place in dietary food.

  • proteins — 1.5;
  • fats — 0.5;
  • carbohydrates — 6.9.

In proteinaceous structure the mushrooms are similar to meat. Most of all proteins are in a hat. And on composition of carbohydrates the mushrooms approach vegetables.

  • cellulose — 20%;
  • B2 vitamin — 11.9%;
  • B5 — 21.5%;
  • D – 53%;
  • PP — 20.4%;
  • potassium — 20.2%;
  • iron — 19.3%;
  • manganese — 14.3%;
  • copper — 35.3%.

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Knowing, than mushrooms are useful, it is possible to strengthen immunity, and in case of a disease — to help the basic therapeutic course, using chanterelles.

  • anti-inflammatory — mushrooms are excellent prophylactic of many diseases;
  • antihistaminic — they are used as vegetable anthelmintic;
  • immunomodulatory and all-strengthening;
  • cleaning;
  • normalizing.

The majority of substances is harmless, but the shortcoming or a surplus of vitamins can cause violations in work of an organism. Therefore application of mushrooms has also contraindications.

Important! Vitamins, some organic acids, polysaccharides collapse at heat treatment. Only crude or dried mushrooms are completely useful.

  • normalization of work of digestive tract, prevention of diseases of a liver and injuries of skin are provided with the high content of B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum);
  • need of pregnant women and the feeding women for Riboflavinum increases that does mushrooms very useful to this category of people;
  • B2 vitamin effectively eliminates acne rash, dermatitis, seborrhea, psoriasis;
  • B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid) is necessary at treatment of chronic diseases of a liver, pancreas and digestive tract, non-infectious origin;
  • B5 is applied to reduction of toxic action of antibiotics, streptocides and other medicines which it is long the person and also for removal from an organism of the toxins poisoning and hazardous substances was treated;
  • B5 vitamin is shown at treatment of bronchial asthma, toxicoses of pregnant, inflammatory diseases of the upper airways of any etiology;
  • vitamin D (calciferol) provides prevention of rickets, osteoporosis and the other bone diseases caused by violation of calcic exchange;
  • PP vitamin (nicotinic acid) is useful to treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, a liver, angiospasms, neuritis, atherosclerosis, liver diseases;
  • potassium and sodium provide constancy and normalization of exchange processes in an organism;
  • potassium also promotes removal from fabrics of excess liquid, thereby helps to struggle with obesity;
  • iron normalizes processes of digestion of nutrients and serves as an element of prevention of diseases of a mucous membrane of intestines;
  • manganese is necessary for improvement of immunity, regulation of carbohydrate and lipidic exchange;

Whether you know? Chanterelles can be applied even at treatment of diabetes. They reduce sugar level in blood and normalize exchange processes.

  • B5 vitamin which is available in mushrooms is contraindicated to persons with mechanical impassability of intestines or hemophilia;
  • vitamins D and PP are contraindicated at excess adjournment of calcium (stones in kidneys), an active form of tuberculosis, stomach ulcer, sharp diseases of a liver and kidneys.

Most often mushrooms, as well as vegetables, extinguish and give with sauces, fry, prepare with potatoes, give to porridges and meat, do pizza, cook pies and do salads, soups and also preparations for the winter. Chanterelles oil will approach toasts or sandwiches.

Important! In the frozen look the mushrooms lose the medicinal properties. After a defrosting they can be used only in the culinary purposes.

Low caloric content and high content of potassium provide use of chanterelles in fight against excess weight. The special mushroom diet does not exist, but the use of 150-200 g of mushrooms a day as a part of any dishes promotes weight reduction and a conclusion of excess liquid from an organism.

As the proteinaceous component of mushrooms is similar to meat, alternation of meat and mushroom days is taken as a basis of a diet. 2–3 mushroom days in a week will provide smooth weight reduction. During this period also reduce consumption of dairy products, having left only low-fat cottage cheese or kefir (once a day).

The recommendations of traditional medicine are based on observations of plants and their influence on living organisms. So, long ago it is noticed that chanterelle is not damaged by insects wreckers. So, the chemical composition of a mushroom is harmful to them.

So there was a confidence that the mushroom can expel parasites from an organism. Chanterelles inflammatory processes, diseases of digestive tract and other pathologies treat.

According to WHO data of 80% of diseases is a result of interaction of an organism with parasites, including intoxication from products of their activity. Decrease in resilience to infections, development of chronic diseases are results of interaction of an organism with various parasites: fungi, protozoa, helminths.

At fight against parasites also use pumpkin sunflower seeds, chicory and carrot juice.

For fight against them useful properties of chanterelles are used. From worms use dried mushrooms, spirit tinctures, chanterelles extracts. From an opisthorchosis substance of a hinnomanoz, contained in eukariota, including chanterelles helps.

Video: chanterelles from parasites It is pernicious for insects, including for helminths and their eggs. Among its important qualities there is a dissolution of eggs of helminths. But in order that substance worked, chanterelles are used crude or in the form of dried powder which is washed down with water.

It is necessary to accept on 2 h a spoon for the night within 3 weeks. Polysaccharides of chanterelle are capable to paralyze nervous system of helminths, causing their death.

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Oncological diseases arise owing to easing of antineoplastic properties of the immune system. In the normal state the immune system destroys atypical cages. But under the influence of various factors suddenly stops reacting to them. So development of a tumor begins.

Clinical trials show that tincture on vodka from cancer is the good prophylactic providing support of immunity. Tinctures or extracts from mushrooms give support to the immune system, increase resilience, interfere with development of tumor cells. Now in any drugstore it is possible to buy medical medicines from chanterelle — extracts and extracts. But they can be prepared and independently. For this purpose it is necessary to crush and draw mushrooms on vodka about 10 days.

  • 2 h a spoon within 3 weeks in the evening before going to bed — for treatment of helminthosis;
  • 2 h a spoon in the evening within 15 days — for cleaning of a liver;
  • the same dosage in the morning lasting 3-4 months — for support of immunity, prevention and addition to the main therapy of oncological diseases.

Being strong antioxidant, the mushroom is capable to bring any toxic substances out of an organism. It reduces load of a liver, contributes to its recovery and normalization of work. The main active ingredient in this process — pantothenic acid (B5 vitamin).

The daily need for it for the healthy person makes 5–10 mg. In 100 g of its chanterelles about 1 mg contains. Vitamin arrives from the outside and also is synthesized by an organism. In the medical purposes the dose of pantothenic acid can raise up to 20 mg. B5 vitamin collapses at heat treatment and its quantity decreases twice, passing into broth in which cooked chanterelles. It allows to use for treatment not only mushrooms, but also broth from them.

Whether you know? The largest chanterelles grow in California. The weight of one mushroom can reach 0.5 kg.

Knowing, than chanterelles are useful, you will easily make the necessary diet for weight loss, will correct a daily diet and receive undoubted advantage for an organism. But applying chanterelles in the medicinal purposes, you remember that the product is not always 100% medicine. In such cases chanterelle will wonderfully add the main therapy.

The child in a mouth dragged everything, in two years lost appetite, in Calais pinworms saw, drank powder from dried chanterelles. The next day a black diarrhea in which the certain beings - white elastic rubber-like floated similar on wood lice, a little octagonal oblong. Two drank weeks instead of two months. And that the appetite got better, the child recovered. As the bottom itches, at once we begin to drink, in a day or two ceases to itch


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