Chicken fillet in ChineChicken fillet in Chinese represents the sweetish, appetizing dish prepared from chicken fillet and paprika in dense sauce which is made of vinegar and a soy-bean

Chicken fillet in ChineChicken fillet in Chinese represents the sweetish, appetizing dish prepared from chicken fillet and paprika in dense sauce which is made of vinegar and a soy-bean

How to prepare an Easter cake in English

Easter cake – the butter bread with dried fruits baked by orthodox Christians by a holiday of Light Easter. The British belonging in the majority to Catholic faith also honor this holiday. The English Easter cake is called Simnel cake. It is very similar to a Christmas cake which is prepared in the same country, but has one essential difference – as obligatory ornament for it serve 12 marzipan balls symbolizing Jesus and his apostles.

It is required to you

  • Simnel cake
    • for marzipan
    • 250 g of icing sugar
    • 250 g of almonds
    • 2 egg whites + 1 protein for greasing
    • 1 teaspoon of almond essence
    • for the test
    • 175 g of a desi
    • 175 g of a soft refiner syrup
    • 3 large fresh eggs
    • 175 g of flour
    • salt pinch
    • ½ teaspoons of mix of ground spices (nutmeg
    • carnation
    • cardamom
    • ginger, etc.)
    • 350 g of raisin of different grades
    • 55 g of candied fruits
    • ½ lemons
    • 1-2 tablespoons of apricot jam


1. Prepare almond paste. Grind almonds, add to them icing sugar. Beat egg white to soft peaks and mix with an almond paste. Pour in essence and knead the silicone pallet about a minute, paste has to become smooth, but remain soft and flexible. Divide marzipan weight into three equal parts. Roll the first in the layer sufficient to cut out from it a circle in 18 centimeters in the diameter.

2. Start doughing. Shake up the desi softened in advance with sugar in white volume weight. Shake up eggs separately, and then add to oil cream. Knead the mixer until they don't form smooth uniform, but still "fluffy" mix. Sift flour together with ground spices and salt through a fine sieve and begin to add gradually to an oil egg mixture, continuing to shake up. When all flour is added, implicate in dough candied fruits, raisin and also a dried peel removed from a half of a lemon.

3. Warm an oven to 140 wasps. Grease a form for roasting with a diameter of 18 centimeters with cooking fat. Put a half of the test in a form, smooth and cover with a marzipan circle. Add the remaining dough, level so that in the center there was a small dent – the Easter cake will rise. Bake about 1 hours 45 minutes. Check readiness a wooden toothpick - if it remains dry, without the stuck test, the Easter cake is ready. Take out a finished product from an oven and let's it cool down a little on a lattice.

4. Grease the top part of warmish cake with apricot jam. Divide the remained marzipan in two. Roll one part and cut out from it the circle sufficient to cover all product. From the second roll 12 identical balls. Cover with marzipan all cake, establish balls on its perimeter. Grease all surface with slightly protein whip. Warm a grill and put cake on a baking sheet under it for 1-2 minutes until a surface of easter pastries becomes golden-brown color.

It is required to you

  • - 150 grams of paprika;
  • - several garlic gloves;
  • - 300 grams of chicken fillet.
  • Sauce:
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - 6 tablespoons of drinking water;
  • - 1 tsps of starch;
  • - 5 tablespoons of a soy-bean sauce;
  • - salt;
  • - several tablespoon of apple cider vinegar;
  • - 1 tablespoons of sugar;
  • - when giving boiled rice.


1. Cut chicken fillet on small narrow stripes. Salt.

2. Wash pepper, pull out seeds, cut pepper with thin straws.

3. With Pochistte garlic, cut it small.

4. Stir in ware all components for sauce.

5. On the warmed frying pan put a half of meat, fry several minutes, actively stirring slowly until fillet becomes white from all directions.

6. Shift fillet in capacity, in the same way fry the second half of chicken.

7. Lay out on a frying pan garlic with pepper and, actively stirring slowly, fry for several minutes.

8. Make fire less, put to pepper on a frying pan the fried meat of chicken.

9. Pour in sauce there, mix, prepare about 15 minutes, sauce won't thicken yet and completely meat won't prepare.

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