Chicken goulash

Chicken goulash

Chicken is madly tasty and light product. If to add to her spices, vegetables and sauce, this dish will turn into delicious chicken goulash. Preparation will take not much time.

It is required to you

  • greens and salt;
  • chili powder;
  • chicken broth – 2 St;
  • oil – 2 tablespoons;
  • sour cream – 125 g;
  • tomato paste – 50 g;
  • paprika – 1 piece;
  • onions – 1 piece;
  • stem a celery – 3 pieces;
  • chicken – 1.5 kg.


1. That make goulash from chicken, wash out meat under water and dry up it by means of tissues. Then cut on pieces of the average sizes.

2. In a mortar mix a sprinkling pepper, salt and chopped greens. Grate with the received mix chicken.

3. Pour in a frying pan of oil and warm it. Fry pieces of chicken to a golden state. Try to stew chicken goulash, but not to fry. It is necessary to remember that meat has to breathe freely.

4. Place meat in some plate and let's it stand. Further cut onions, a celery and pepper on cubes and fry in the frying pan exempted from chicken meat.

5. Mix broth with tomato paste, place pieces of chicken to vegetables and fill in them with the received sauce. You extinguish on weak fire within half an hour, having covered.

6. Serving remarkable chicken goulash on a table, you can fill it with sour cream and strew with the cut greens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team