Chicken heart: than it is useful how to prepare

Chicken heart: than it is useful how to prepare

Most of people regularly eat fowl dishes. Among different popular types of meat it is possible to note an offal to which also chicken hearts belong. The ethnic cuisine of any country contains a set of recipes for chicken hearts.

Therefore information on properties of this product can be not only is interesting, but also is useful.

Caloric content of hearts is 159 kcal on 100 grams. Chicken meat belongs to low-fat types of meat. So, the caloric content of boiled chicken is 204 kcal / 100. Proceeding from it, low-calorie and low-fat hearts can be considered a dietary type of meat and to recommend in dietary food. The number of calories can change depending on a way of preparation. For example, stewed meat will be twice more high-calorie because of addition of cream or sour cream at suppression. The least high-calorie are boiled hearts.

  • proteins — 15.8;
  • fats — 10.3;
  • carbohydrates — 0.8.

In the chemical composition of a product it is necessary to mention the high content of vitamins of group B and also cobalt, copper, zinc and phosphorus.


The name macro - or a microcell

Contents in 100 g of a product



60 mkg

B 1

0.26 mg

B 2

1.07 mg

B 6

0.28 mg


4.3 mg


260 mg



10 mg


19 mg


94 mg


178 mg


5.6 mg


12 mg


0.05 mg


31 mg


10 mg


9 mg


3 mg

Important! Any product does not contain all vitamins and minerals. Therefore it is important that food was various. And the ability of substances to strengthen actions of each other does the need for various food more relevant.

Useful properties of a product are caused by the vitamins which are contained in it, micro and macrocells. High content of protein does a product useful to the people needing intensive food — patients during rehabilitation, with violations of work of a cardiovascular system, having anemia. PP vitamin, in combination with group B vitamins, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus promote improvement of composition of blood, blood circulation normalization, stimulate work of a brain, well influence work of nervous system. Promote fast restoration of forces and a tone of muscles.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn, than are useful and how to prepare a chicken liver and stomachs.

Phosphorus and calcium participate in formation of a bone tissue and will be especially useful to children since in 100 g of a product 22% day norms of phosphorus contain. Cobalt content — 120%. This element participates in production of hormone of a thyroid gland, stimulates hemoglobin synthesis, increases digestion of iron, increases producing erythrocytes and increases immunity.

The microelement structure of chicken hearts participates in blood formation process and also regulates work of adrenal glands, having positive impact on reproductive function of the man. Magnesium and sodium regulate arterial blood pressure at elderly men and normalize a dream. Support of work of a thyroid gland contributes to normalization of work of an endocrine system, increase in immunity. Sating an organism with energy, hearts fight against a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

Whether you know? The taurine which is contained in a product positively influences reduction of risk of developing of a heart attack or stroke. He also prevents development of a hypertension.

The minerals which are contained in chicken hearts improve appearance and a condition of skin, promote increase in brain activity and have beneficial influence on the blood circulatory system. B2 vitamin participating in production of hemoglobin actively fights with zhelezodefitsity in the woman's organism. It is especially important for women of childbearing age. Chicken hearts are a low-calorie product which can be involved in dietary food. And the high content of protein does them necessary in a diet of the athletes and people experiencing big strain on nervous system. Their consumption during pregnancy not only is useful, but also it is absolutely safe for mother and a fruit.

Important! Iron is obligatory in a diet of the pregnant woman or the feeding woman. Iron content in 100 g of a product 31% of standard daily rate.

Chicken meat begins to lose the high food properties at several cycles of defrosting/freezing or long storage without fridge (more than 3 hours in summertime). An offal is not recommended to be used to people with individual intolerance of the protein which is contained in meat of chicken. The high content of protein does a product undesirable and for people of old age and those who have stomach ulcer or have diseases of kidneys. The cholesterol which is contained in hearts forces to limit consumption of a product to 2–3 times a week.

Hearts can be extinguished, fried or boiled. Therefore the range of dishes from them is very wide:

  • salads;
  • shish kebabs;
  • chicken hearts in sauces, with porridges or potatoes;
  • soups.

Whether you know? The most widespread way of preparation — suppression with addition of spices and onions.

To prepare chicken hearts in creamy sauce, the following ingredients will be necessary:

  • hearts — 0.5 kg;
  • onions — 1 bulb;
  • cream — 0.3 l;
  • vegetable oil for frying;
  • garlic — 1 teeth;
  • salt, spices — to taste;
  • greens for ornament.
  1. To wash up meat, to clean from films and vessels, to cut.
  2. Bulb to clean and cut in small cubes.
  3. To brown onions on average fire of 2-3 min.
  4. To add hearts to onions and to fry 10 min.
  5. To add water so that it covered frying pan contents, and to extinguish 30 min.
  6. In the course of suppression to add melkonarezanny garlic when water begins to evaporate.
  7. In 5 min. prior to the termination to salt and pepper a dish.
  8. To add cream and to extinguish 5 more min.
  9. In 1–2 minutes prior to the termination to add fennel greens.

Chicken hearts contain a set of vitamins and minerals which will be useful both to healthy people, and to those who pass the period of recovering from a disease and have problems with health. Presence of this product at your diet is obligatory it will be useful for an organism.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team