Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine

History of Chinese cuisine is known still for a long time. Great masters gave cooking science from generation to generation. And today it is possible to see various Chinese restaurants and cafe almost in each country, the city. East culinary specialists with accuracy perform work and prepare refined masterpieces. Of course, their kitchen is specific and will suit not everyone, but it isn't necessary to underestimate great cooks.

East customs and traditions  

Chinese are a large-scale nation with the mysterious culture and extraordinary customs. For preparation of dishes often use: meat, fish, seafood, rice, vegetables and various hot spices.

Cooking represents a certain ritual. For example, ingredients are cut separately from each other and only small pieces. It is necessary for the best digestion of food an organism. Then all season with fragrant herbs (nutmeg, pepper, caraway seeds, cardamom, cinnamon, a dried peel and parsley) that impacts to a dish amazing aroma and unusual relish.

Estimate the prepared masterpieces at first in a color and aroma, and already then for gustatory qualities.

Registration of a holiday table - one of basic elements of traditional cuisine of Chinese. In order that dishes on a table looked brighter and more distinct, cooks use various combinations of contrast colors: from bright red to dark brown.

The tradition of east culture considers giving of goodies to the guest in a plate sticks - it is the sign of manifestation of attention to the visitor. Then to the guest suggest to taste rice with sauce, washing down with wine. At the end of a dinner, it is accepted to try light broth and to wash down with a green tea with milk. Such sequence of eating of products is considered the most suitable a normal metabolism of an organism.

It is useful or to eat the Chinese dishes harmfully?

East kitchen – dietary and low-calorie. In the territory of China there is a fertile earth that gives the chance to grow up vegetation, to breed the cattle. Therefore products for cooking of dishes always fresh and natural.

In usual life the Chinese prefer to have since morning a green tea without addition of sugar, to eat rice - vitamin-rich, cellulose, potassium, vegetable protein. All these components positively reflect the action on warmly - the vascular and protective system of the person.

The usefulness of food of Chinese cuisine depends on the chosen place for the use of a lunch and on the order to a large extent. It isn't recommended to visit places of fast food where a large amount of harmful fats contains. One of the checked ways of preparation of useful dishes is cooking in house conditions. At the same time extent of addition of hot spices decreases (salts, pepper).

Spices are a big lack of traditional east cuisine. As it is very difficult to stomach of the person to cope with receipt in an organism of a large number of vinegar, garlic, pepper. It can cause damage to digestion, causing gastritis and an ulcer. Therefore advise to watch closely way food and to choose good places for consumption of food.

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