Cocktail ""Pin pack"": recipes

Cocktail ""Pin pack"": recipes

Pin the pack, more precisely Pinakolada, and is even more correct "Pinya a pack" - it is the Caribbean cocktail from rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk. Besides a traditional recipe for cocktail, there is also a mass of others - with banana, strawberry, vodka.

Cocktail history

In translation from Spanish "Pinya the pack" means "the filtered pineapple". Initially "Pinya a pack" represented ordinary pineapple juice. Began to add rum to it only later. Drink won popularity only in the 20th century - after in one of Puerto-Rican bars thought up especially successful combination from rum, coconut milk and juice of pineapple. In what bar it happened - it is unknown. The pioneer of cocktail is laid claim at once by three bartenders. One of them - Ramón "Mojito" Marrero Perez. He says that the first Pinya mixed "A pack" in a ball of Hilton hotel in San Juan in 1952.

"Pinya a pack" represents one of traditional Caribbean cocktails. In Puerto Rico "Pinya the pack" is considered the national drink.

Traditional recipe

The traditional recipe of cocktail includes 20 ml of cream, 100 ml of pineapple juice, 50 ml of coconut liqueur, 50 ml of white rum, cherry, whipped cream and pieces of pineapple. Cherry for preparation "Pinya of a pack" is used not fresh, but special, cocktail. It is done from in a special way the processed maraskinovy cherry. All ingredients of cocktail mix up in a shaker and are shaken up with ice. Drink can be served, poured in a coco. Some people prefer to flavor cocktail with a small amount of the Baileys liqueur.

Other options "Pinya of a Pack"

Besides the traditional recipe, there are also other options "Pinya of a Pack". Amarettokolada becomes on the basis of rum, the Amaretto liqueur, pineapple juice and coconut liqueur. Miami Weis cocktail represents mixed with each other "Pinya a pack" and the Daiquiri liqueur. In Chi Chi cocktail instead of rum use vodka. There is also nonalcoholic "Pinya a pack", including all traditional ingredients, except for rum. Light "Pinya of a pack" 80 ml of pineapple juice, 60 ml of white rum and 60 ml of the Malibu liqueur are a part. Amigos Pinya Pack cocktail vlyuchat in itself 15 ml of cream, 60 ml of white rum, 15 ml of dark rum, 75 ml of pineapple juice and 35 ml of coconut milk. Strawberry "Pinya the pack" is done of six klubnichin, by 80 ml of yellow rum, 20 ml of coconut milk and 100 ml of pineapple juice. Almost same recipe and at banana "Pinya packs", only instead of strawberry use the peeled banana. Ingredients of cocktail are shaken up in the blender before emergence of foam, then pour out in a glass. Decorated with fruit and berries, "Pinya the pack" moves cooled.

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