Cocktails with Martini

Cocktails with Martini

Grass Vermouth of Martini — a popular component of many cocktails. To mix such drinks, it isn't necessary to have special skills of the bartender, it is enough to buy the necessary ingredients and glasses.

Cocktail classics

Perhaps, thanks to influence of cinema, the most popular cocktail with Martini is "Martini with vodka". It was destroyed in large quantities by the superspy 007 in movies from a series of "Bondiana". To make this cocktail, you need a part of dry Martini, four parts of vodka, a lemon and ice. At first it is necessary to fill up ice in a shaker, to pour there vodka, to shake up about ten seconds, to add Martini and to pour mix in a glass (ice in a glass shouldn't appear), it is possible to add literally couple of drops of lemon juice and to decorate cocktail with olives on a toothpick.

"Martini 50/50" is one more popular cocktail. It consists of equal parts of dry Martini and gin. To make drink, it is necessary to fill a glass on a third of height with ice, then to add alcoholic components. For ornament, as well as in last case, it is possible to use olives.

Refined Negroni cocktail was invented by the Italian aristocrat by the name of Camillo Negroni. To make this drink, you need about thirty milliliters of gin and Martini Rosso (pink Vermouth), hundred sixty grams of ice, fifteen milliliters of Campari. At first it is necessary to fill a glass with ice, then to pour in gin, Campari and Martini Rosso, to stir a spoon without excess haste. Such cocktail can be decorated with orange segments.

Interesting variations

The simple refreshing drink can be received, having mixed Sprite with pink Martini. On one part of sparkling water it is necessary to take two parts of alcohol. It is possible to decorate such cocktail with slices of a lemon or segments of a cucumber. Glamourous sweet cocktail from Martini and champagne will be ideal for a hen party. For its preparation you need a semi-sec champagne, ice, strawberry syrup and pink Martini. In a glass ice is put, then three parts of champagne, two parts of Martini are filled in. Lovers of sweet are recommended to add one part of strawberry syrup, to fans of more neutral tastes — to be limited to smaller quantity. This cocktail doesn't mix up, traditionally it is decorated with sheets of mint. Quite strong and interesting cocktail can be received, having mixed Martini with brandy or cognac. On one part of cognac or brandy it is necessary to take two parts of Martini and four parts of tonic, to add a little ice. These components can be mixed directly in a glass without the aid of a shaker. Martini mix with the preferred juice — a traditional direction of use of this drink. Best of all freshly squeezed verjuices — pineapple, orange, cherry, lemon are suitable for these purposes. Juice and Martini mix up in identical proportions, a little ice is added to them. This great refreshing drink is popular at many parties.

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