Cod liver during pregnancy: advantage or harm

Cod liver during pregnancy: advantage or harm

During pregnancy the woman should limit the use of some products or even completely to refuse them not to do harm to the kid. One of such disputable products is cod liver which many future mothers very much love, but doubt whether they can use it. Let's understand this question in detail.

Whether it is possible to eat cod liver at pregnancy

The considered offal can not only bring to an organism benefit, but also do much harm to it.


Cod liver differs in a rich set of valuable vitamins and elements which are very useful to future mothers.

Its action on an organism is shown as follows:

  • digestible proteins facilitate digestion process;
  • iron helps to warn anemia;
  • copper helps to remove inflammatory processes;
  • chrome positively influences a metabolism;
  • heparin warns thromboses and improves blood circulation;
  • vitamin A cares for a condition of sight and a hair;
  • vitamin D is responsible for formation and durability of a skeleton of a fruit;
  • vitamins B and With increase organism resilience to infections;
  • fat an omega-3 of acid normalize cholesterol level in blood and help to prevent emergence of plaques on walls of vessels;
  • folic acid is good prevention of pathologies of development of a nervous tube of a fruit;
  • the product helps to normalize a hormonal background, work of heart and urinary system.

Important! It is better for pregnant women to refuse completely tinned food or to considerably reduce its share in a daily diet.

Contraindications and harm

Though pregnant women can also eat cod liver, nevertheless you should not use it in a large number. Uncontrolled reception will be resulted by surplus of some elements and vitamins B an organism that can negatively affect health of mother and kid. In this case delay of development of a fruit and emergence of congenital defects is possible. The first trimester of pregnancy in this regard is especially dangerous.

The excessive use of a product can lead to the wrong formation of a cardiac muscle and extremities of a fruit, failure in reproductive and the central nervous system, pathology of kidneys and other internals at this time.

Besides, at some diseases of the pregnant woman it is worth refusing this product completely.

Learn more about useful properties of a cod and also her liver.

Treat them:

  • cholelithiasis;
  • pathologies of a thyroid gland;
  • existence of kidney concrements;
  • the expressed lowered blood pressure;
  • chronic diseases of a liver and stomach;
  • oversaturation of an organism with calcium and vitamin D;
  • intolerance of a product.

Categorically people who already had allergic manifestations from fish or seafood should not eat an offal with that. If after its use the health worsened, there was rash, an itch or hypostasis, then it is necessary to ask for medical care at once.

Important! The vitamin A which is in cod liver has ability to collect in an organism of the woman and to have negative effect on pre-natal development of the child, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Therefore the described offal can be used only occasionally and gradually.

Directions of use

The simplest and available option of the consumption of cod liver is to make from it sandwich or a canape. Having kneaded and having smeared an offal on bread, it is possible to receive tasty and useful snack, having spent on it not enough time.

Besides, cod liver is added to various salads, snack pies, pastes. Stuff with it eggs, tomatoes, crabsticks, use as a stuffing for pancakes and tartlets. And special gourmets manage to cook from it pizza, a fish soup and even cutlets with addition of vegetables.

How to choose upon purchase

Choosing cod liver, it is necessary to be guided by the following recommendations:

  • to buy a product only of the premium, paying attention to a realization deadline;
  • it is desirable to study structure of a product that it included only natural ingredients without additives (liver, salt, spices);
  • whenever possible to choose that liver that it is made around catch of fish — in the Murmansk or Arkhangelsk regions.

Whether you know? Approximately by the end of the first trimester the sense of smell of future mother becomes aggravated more than by 10 times! Thus the nature protects the woman from low-quality products which can be dangerous to it and future child.

It is known that the product prepared right after catch from the fresh, not frozen raw materials contains more valuable substances. Such canned food is usually more expensive, and in them there is no bitterish smack characteristic of a liver of the frozen fish.

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How to store in house conditions

As well as it is impossible to leave any other fish canned food, cod liver in the opened can. It should be placed in glass capacity with a dense cover to protect a product from hit of pathogenic microorganisms.

Whether you know? Almost all the fat of a crash accumulates in a liver. At the same time meat of fish remains quite dry and low-calorie and often joins in a diet of persons interested to lose excess weight.

At the same time it is necessary to store it in the fridge and it is desirable to use within 1–2 days. Cod liver can saturate an organism of the pregnant woman with necessary vitamins and elements and to bring big benefit to many bodies and systems.

The main thing is not to forget about moderation. Its small amount in combination with other products will allow to diversify a diet and to please itself with something tasty.

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