Coffee saves from a depression"

Coffee saves from a depression"

perfectly saves from a depression. It was said by scientists from Harvard University. According to researches, coffee-achievers suffer from depressions, in difference less from those who do not use some coffee at all.

3 cups of coffee a day I reduce risk of development of a depression by 15%. At the same time, experts warn also about harm of coffee, this drink depending on a dose develops different mental problems. At the same time experts are confident that who drinks those more than three cups of coffee a day are better protected from depressions. For example, four cups of coffee protect an organism from depressions for 20%.

50000 women with excellent health age agreed to take part about 63 years in it a research. Scientists watched them 10 years. During the researches watched mental health of participants and asked how many cups of coffee those drink in day. As a result of researches the scientists drew conclusions that the total number of depressions decreased, due to increase in the drunk cups of coffee.

Scientists proved that coffee does not make the person vigorous, and only lightens the mood. Besides, coffee perfectly increases resistance to stresses, depressions, apathy. And, above all reduces chances to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, the friend scientists, say also that caffeine is the main reason of depressions among people. Caffeine perfectly stimulates the central nervous system. Statistically, 80% of people use caffeine in the form of coffee. According to them, fans of coffee feel energy inflow only on short lines. And then, this drink works back. Often leads, to bad mood, depressions, despondency, disappointment, etc.

Scientists proved that only 2 cups of coffee a day reduce risk of development of cancer. And, above all, help smokers it will be protected from cancer. At the same time, coffee perfectly protects people from atherosclerosis. Reduces risks of development of migraine and kills a headache. According to experts, men need to drink more cups of coffee, than to women.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team