Combination of food

Combination of food

If you want yours intestines and a stomach correctly to work, then you need to adhere to recommendations concerning combination of products. If the conversation goes about young creation, then you should follow rules especially carefully.

Correct combination of products

Eggs, fish and meat products. These are the products enriched with proteins. Remember that it is difficult for stomach to process them. In this regard we do not advise to drink at consumption of such food. The best combination combination of animal fats with vegetables is considered. Between meals there have to pass at least three hours.

Nuts, vermicelli and flour products. These products are sources of digestible carbohydrates. They are perfectly acquired by an organism. However they should not be combined with sugar.

Fruit. It is simpler to organism to acquire them, than something another. You can use fruit as having a snack. They are not recommended to combine with delicacies.

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Recommendations about consumption of products

If you constantly consume sour cream and cottage cheese, then you should get house products because in them there are no preservatives. The vegetable oil consumed by you has to be the first extraction.

Instead of sugar consume honey. This product is much better processed by an organism. Concerning bread It is necessary to tell that in it there is a considerable volume of starch. Therefore it should not be eaten with animal protein.

If you got used to consume rice, then it is desirable for you to give preference to crude. Rather boiled potatoes It should be noted that it is perfectly combined with other vegetables.

As for sugar, it should not be consumed with carrots and beet. Otherwise in your stomach there can be a fermentation.

Never combine milk with fermented milk products. As for eggs, it is desirable to consume them with vegetables. During creation of vegetable salads you can use nuts. The melon needs to be eaten separately. It is not combined with anything.

We do not advise you to create complex dishes. It will be difficult for organism to acquire them. The food showing a source of a large amount of carbohydrates is not combined with sour fruit. Never consume vegetable oil and cream with proteinaceous food.

If you competently combine products, then your organism will be balanced to work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team