Combination of red wines and dishes

Combination of red wines and dishes

For meat dishes and paste, for the stewed vegetables and mushrooms having deep, bright and saturated taste, the best company is kept by red wine. Its tannins open all shades of hot dense food and help it to be acquired. Not all hostesses know what drink what dish will approach better.

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1. Light red wines. They contain not enough tannin, rather "flat", but found, with small scale of flavoring notes. We serve such wine to duck fillet and veal. These wines with a tuna are good, are quite good with salmon dishes. Approach paste with tomato sauces and terkty cheese, karbonario paste and even pizza. Option from Vina Studija: KETH Sankt Laurent (Austria, Rheinhessen) - suede and soft, with a shade of wild red berries - raspberries, a wild strawberry and a little a rowan.

2. Dark red wines dense and saturated, rich with taste. Such wines are perfectly combined with the matured cheeses, roast beef, steak and beef fillet. They turn a stewed mutton leg into a true soverkshenstvo. Velvet and tannin red wine - the excellent partner for the duck baked in an oven with prunes.

3. Sweet red wines. Are magnificent in itself and will keep you the excellent company - in the evening, behind the book, at a fireplace. Refined mature port wines will approach cream cheeses, such as stilton or classical cheddar. The port wine combination to jamón and a sweet melon is interesting.

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