Contraindications to intake of ivan-tea

Contraindications to intake of ivan-tea

Useful and medicinal properties of ivan-tea are perfectly studied and described. However there are also ivan-tea contraindications of which the few think or are informed. Before consumption of ivan-tea the consultation of the doctor as, however, and in case of intake of any medicine is necessary.


1. Contraindications of ivan-tea exist at the lowered blood pressure (hypotonia). The person, using ivan-tea, can lower even more it. At the same time he will ail, feel dizziness, nausea, there can be faints.

2. At the time of consumption of ivan-tea the intake of febrifugal and sedative medicines as the plant has the properties which are strongly operating anti-inflammatory and calming is contraindicated. It can cause violation in work of nervous system.

3. Sometimes the individual intolerance of a willow-herb, as well as in a case meets the use of some herbs.

4. As a rule, the ivan-tea used in large numbers more than a month can break function of work of intestines and cause digestive tract dysfunction. But with the termination of intake of ivan-tea all symptoms of indigestion will disappear.

5. Contraindications of ivan-tea are available at gastritis with the lowered acidity as the theophylline which is contained in it accelerates process of production of gastric juice that aggravates a disease. Therefore even healthy people aren't recommended to drink ivan-tea on a hungry stomach.

6. At long consumption of koporsky tea in an organism coumarin (toxic substance) which negatively influences a liver collects.

7. Ivan-tea at bad blood clotting is contraindicated: thromboses, thrombophlebitises, varicosity and also at the arisen problems in the haematogenic system. In these cases it is possible to use ivan-tea only in the small portions. It is necessary to remember that it dilutes blood therefore it is desirable to get a doctor's advice.

8. Pregnant women and the feeding women need to use carefully ivan-tea to avoid undesirable consequences. Tea prevents digestion of B9 vitamin. It is folic acid which participates in development of a fruit. Therefore consultation of the doctor won't be superfluous before application of ivan-tea in the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes.

9. Properties of ivan-tea are that that it works as depletive so you shouldn't be overzealous with its reception.

10. Consumption of ivan-tea is contraindicated to children up to two years in any quantity.

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