Cottage cheese and curds: advantage of a product

Cottage cheese and curds: advantage of a product

For normal activity of an organism the person needs healthy nutrition. The lack of necessary vitamins and minerals of a human body can lead to undesirable consequences, for example, to decrease in working capacity or fast fatigue.

Ways of preparation of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese products play a special role in a diet of the person. It is heavy to tell in what time the first curds were made. But, perhaps, it appeared when sour milk remained without supervision, from it serum flowed out, and, as a result, cottage cheese turned out. It is possible to tell with confidence that cottage cheese appeared when cows and goats still were tame. It is possible to prepare this product in various ways. Long since, cottage cheese was cooked in the cooled-down furnace, having placed curdled milk there, in those days it was called still sour cheese. In a couple of hours the turned-out weight was got from the furnace and placed in a sack from fabric through which decanted surplus of serum. Further the made product was sent under a press.

It is possible to make cottage cheese in the dry way. The product made thus can be stored long in a cellar or the fridge, to take in the road, without being afraid, at the same time, for its safety.

Curds were made by the repeated room of cottage cheese in the furnace and again put a baking plate a press. The received weight is appreciated much more, than fresh cottage cheese. In general, all products from cottage cheese are considered as universal food. They can be eaten as in sweet, and a salty look, in combination with sour cream, wine, honey or berries. Cottage cheese, in fact, is the main component at production of cheesecakes, pancakes and casseroles. And also it can be used as a dietary lunch or just as nutritious food.

Advantage of cottage cheese and curds

From all dairy products cottage cheese contains bigger amount of proteins which are easily acquired by an organism. At disintegration such useful amino acids as tryptophane turn out, I am well-cared, methionine which are actively consumed by an organism. Curds are considered a digestible product therefore it is necessary to use it both to adults, and children and also elderly people who have diseases of the digestive system. Generally cottage cheese is a part of obligatory products which doctors recommend to eat after the postponed diseases or surgeries. It can be used also at the violations in work of an intestinal or gastric path expressed in a chronic form. Cottage cheese doesn't increase acidity and doesn't irritate the mucous surfaces of a stomach. The usefulness of a product also consists in small content of fats in it. There is a cottage cheese it is possible, without worrying about causing damage to a figure, along with it it helps to gain muscle bulk. But you shouldn't think that glazed cheese curds are so useful as preservatives which caloric content is much higher, than at usual cottage cheese because of presence of sugar, cream and chocolate are already added to them. Except everything, curds, besides calcium and amino acids, include vitamins of groups B, A, E, P and also salts of copper, iron, magnesium and sodium. All these connections allow to acquire this product better. Cottage cheese is especially useful to pregnant women and nursing mothers. And, the most important, this product favorably influences vessels and work of heart, nervous system and formation of red little bodies of blood.

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