Cottage cheese dessert with apricots

Cottage cheese dessert with apricots

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The cottage cheese dessert with apricots is an important component of baby food. Apricots contain potassium, magnesium, carotene and phosphorus. Also cottage cheese isn't less useful. It except all above-mentioned minerals still contains calcium. Except huge advantage, a cottage cheese dessert very tasty and gentle.

It is required to you


1. Wash out apricots under flowing water, allow water to flow down. Separate stones from pulp. Cut small pieces.

2. Connect cottage cheese to sour cream and to knead carefully a wooden scapula. Then to place curds in the blender and to shake up to homogeneous mass.

3. To add honey and vanillin to the shaken-up curds. Accurately to mix everything.

4. Prepare an ice-cream bowl. On a bottom to spread the curds layer, from above a layer of apricots, then again curds and from above apricots.

5. Place a ready dessert in the fridge for one hour. When giving on a table from above to strew with grated chocolate. Decorate with a mint branch.

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