Cowberry at pregnancy: berries, leaves, fruit drink, broth, tea, compote

Cowberry at pregnancy: berries, leaves, fruit drink, broth, tea, compote

Curative properties of cowberry are known since ancient times. Besides beautiful appearance and excellent tastes, this plant is a well of useful substances which is applied, as they say, from a vershok to a back.

Useful properties and contraindications at pregnancy

During pregnancy the organism of the woman reconstructs, and it not always suits those products which were perfectly acquired prior to incubation of a fruit. It concerns also some cowberry which application at pregnancy we will consider below.

Whether it is possible to eat cowberry berries

Many berries have properties which perfectly help health of future mother. Cowberry is also very useful to maintenance of the organism fruit weakened by incubation, it can be eaten and just like that, and at problems with kidneys and mochetochnik these berries remarkably help with urine removal.

Application of fruits of a plant is good prevention and at other serious diseases — for example, a hypertension and diabetes.

Important! Various parts of a plant are medicinal, and in order to avoid overdose before application it is better to consult to the doctor.


The plant is valuable not only berries — practically all its parts can be used with advantage for health. Leaves of cowberry can be used both in fresh, and in a dried look for infusions and broths, even without asking a question whether it is possible to drink these drinks during incubation of a fruit. Infusion from leaves has the following properties:

  • diuretic;
  • bile-expelling;
  • knitting;
  • antibacterial;
  • immunostimulating.

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And it is only the main opportunities of this herb. Except everything listed, foliage of cowberry helps at inflammation of a mouth, the lower airways, fragility of blood vessels, a metabolic disorder. Doctors still argue on advantage of a cowberry leaf for an organism of the woman bearing a fruit. There is an opinion that application of these leaves can lead to a uterus tone, that is to its premature reductions. According to other version, such infusions can help from hypostases after the 28th week of pregnancy. There is also the third opinion that the plant in a moderate dosage has no side effects.

Important! In this case only the doctor who takes the responsibility for recommendations has to give advice. Self-treatment is inappropriate here!

Cowberry drink

Fruit drink from cowberry has not only the toning properties during toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy, but also enters into an organism vitamins of groups A, B, C and mineral substances — iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium. Also with fruit drink significant amounts of useful acids are used — from dairy to wine. The product has full hypoallergenicity that does it by ideal drink during pregnancy. In this case it is possible to replace completely other sources of vitamin C, like a citrus.

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Broth from a cowberry leaf has a set of useful properties which will help not only for prevention, but also even at treatment of some diseases. Here only short list of positive effect of broth of a plant:

  • diuretic;
  • antiseptic;
  • wound healing;
  • styptic;
  • knitting;
  • antibacterial.

Medicinal properties of a plant are equally shown at preparation of broth both from dry, and from fresh raw materials. And drink is cooked both from foliage, and from cowberry berries, practically according to the identical recipe — the handful of material is filled in with a glass of boiled water and several minutes are boiled then is filtered, cooled and accepted inside.

Contraindications in use of such broths by pregnant women are especially individual:

  • diabetes;
  • the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • GIT diseases (ulcer, gastritis);
  • individual intolerance.

Whether you know? The first successful experience of cultivation of cowberry happened only in the 60th years of the last century. Since then selectors achieved productivity of a plant in bondage up to 60 kg from one hundred part of plantings.

Tea with cowberry

Simple and useful means is preparing very quickly, but is taken with caution. Tea is made of leaves of cowberry as follows: the tablespoon of raw materials needs to be filled in with a glass of the boiling water and to allow drink to infuse up to 15 minutes, to filter and drink. During the day you should not use more than one glass of such means.

As perhaps early and undesirable beginning of reductions of a uterus was told above. The taste of drink can be improved a small amount of honey (at absence at future mother of an allergy to this product).

It will be interesting to you to learn whether pregnant women can have tea: with a lemon, with mint, with raspberry, with a bergamot and with a thyme.

Cowberry compote

Difference from fruit drink that for preparation of compote it is necessary to boil thoroughly berries on fire. Drink is cooked from the berries which are squeezed out through a sieve which are boiled in water with sugar. Usually such compote is cooked not only from cowberry, and other berries — a cranberry, blueberry, etc. are added to it. The advantage, as well as in any other case of use of berries of a plant, is obvious — the diuretic, toning and knitting effects. Here it is only excessive it is not necessary to use compote as it can lead to deterioration in health at hypostases.

How to make and drink

Some recipes of a zavarivaniye of cowberry were already given during pregnancy above. Let's consider some more methods of application of leaves and berries of a plant.

Broth of leaves of cowberry from hypostases

It is possible to prepare rather strong broth by the following method:

  1. The tablespoon of leaves is filled in with a glass of boiled water and cooks within 30 minutes on slow fire. It is desirable to do it in the enameled ware as in this case there will be a neutral environment.
  2. Upon termination of boiling the broth volume by means of boiled water is carried to a full glass, liquid needs to be divided into three portions and to accept during the day.

At prevention and treatment of hypostases cowberry broths it is necessary to coordinate possible use of other medications that side effects did not nullify all advantage of therapy with the doctor.

Whether you know? Fruit drink from berries is mentioned in the poem by Alexander Pushkin Eugene Onegin where it is called the cowberry water keeping the properties a long time at storage in the cold place.

At cold

Broth from leaves and branches of cowberry can be applied also for cold. For this purpose it is enough to fill in a material tablespoon with a glass of boiled water, to insist within half an hour, to filter and drink two tablespoons several times a day.

At treatment of catarrhal diseases during pregnancy various phytocollecting from cowberry and other useful plants — coltsfoots, fruits of raspberry and an anise, flowers of a linden, etc. can yield also quite good result. It is only worth providing possible allergic reaction of an organism to mix components. Cowberry is a fine herb. Besides high tastes of berries, this small evergreen bush of family Heather has really curing and toning properties not only for treatment and maintenance of health of future mothers.

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