Crunchy meat chops in batter

Crunchy meat chops in batter

Meat chop in crunchy batter – an excellent dish which isn't a shame for giving also to a holiday table. For preparation of a dish it is possible to use beef or chicken fillet, however the most juicy chops turn out from pork.

Products necessary for preparation of a dish

To prepare chops in batter, the following ingredients will be required: 500 g of pork, 4-5 tablespoons of wheat flour, 3 eggs, 3-4 tablespoons of sour cream, salt and ground black pepper to taste, lemon juice. Frying of chops requires a vegetable purified oil.

First of all, it is necessary to exempt pork from a skin and to carefully wash out meat. Then pork is dried by means of tissues and cut across fibers pieces of approximately equal size. It is desirable that thickness of pieces didn't exceed the 1st see.

The recipe of chops in batter

Each prepared pork steak is rubbed on both sides with the mix prepared from lemon juice, a black sprinkling pepper and salt. It is possible to use also favourite spices. In such state meat has to lie down 20-30 minutes. During this time chops will become impregnated with taste and aroma of seasonings, and lemon juice will make meat more gentle. Pork steaks turn in a polyethylene film and beat off a special kitchen hammer from 2 parties. To reduce noise, a baking plate a cutting board enclose the towel folded several times. Now it is possible to be engaged in preparation of batter. In a deep bowl shake up eggs before obtaining uniform weight. Add sour cream and a pinch of salt to it. Wheat flour is sifted through a small sieve and gradually entered into weight before formation of the uniform test. Its consistence shouldn't be too dense or liquid. It is the most convenient to prepare crunchy chops in the batter reminding consistence of 10% sour cream. In a dry frying pan pour vegetable oil and put on average fire. That chops were well fried thoroughly, the level of oil has to be equal to about 1 cm. Pork steaks are dipped in dough so that it completely covered meat. If dough flows down from pork, so it is necessary to make it a little more densely. If dough doesn't wish to envelop meat, it is necessary to dilute slightly it, having hammered egg. On well warmed oil batter forms a crust at once. It is necessary to fry chops on both sides, before obtaining golden color. That meat for certain пропеклось in the middle, heating is reduced to weak and cover a frying pan with a cover. Ready chops spread on tissues. Thus, excess fat will be absorbed, and batter will crackle slightly. Serve the garnished potatoes dish and the salad made from a fresh vegetables with addition of greens.

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